The Secret Dangers of Splenda, an Artificial Sweetener

Anyway, that’s probably enough pontification for one blog post, so here are a few of my favourite syntheses and a few that came up in recent conversations—please add yours and your thoughts in the comments!

Discover the dangers of splenda, sucralose and artificial sweeteners.

Study Chemical Engineering 250 Sucralose Synthesis notes from David W.

Sucralose or Splenda - Elmhurst College

The FDA states in their Final Report on Splenda that sucralose is “produced at an approximate purity of ninety-eight percent.” The other two percent does not have to be reported to the FDA, nor listed as added ingredients. So what’s in the other two percent? The chemicals used to synthesize sucralose in the five-step process:

Sucralose sweetener may modify sugar metabolism: …

According to the Splenda International Patent A23L001-236 and PEP Review #90-1-4 (July 1991), sucralose is synthesized by this five-step process:

By Jocelyn Selim | Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sodium saccharin (benzoic sulfimide) ..

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