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Synthesis Reaction - Chemical formula

The word 'synthesis' means to put together

Aspartate is synthesize by the transfer of a ammonia group from glutamate to oxaloacetate.Figure 3 - The synthesis of aspartate.Asparagine is made either by transamination from glutamine or by adding ammonia directly to aspartate.orFigure 4 - Formation of asparagine.

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07/01/2018 · This experiment involves the synthesis of a metal salt by direct reaction of a metal and a non-metal. Zinc powder is added to a solution of iodine in ethanol.
In a synthesis reaction two substances combine to produce a single product

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The synthesis of DNA from an RNA template, via reverse transcription, produces complementary DNA (cDNA). Reverse transcriptases (RTs) use an RNA template and a short primer complementary to the 3' end of the RNA to direct the synthesis of the first strand cDNA, which can be used directly as a template for the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). This combination of reverse transcription and PCR (RT-PCR) allows the detection of low abundance RNAs in a sample, and production of the corresponding cDNA, thereby facilitating the cloning of low copy genes. Alternatively, the first-strand cDNA can be made double-stranded using DNA Polymerase I and DNA Ligase. These reaction products can be used for direct cloning without amplification. In this case, RNase H activity, from either the RT or supplied exogenously, is required.

Synthesis Reaction - Chemical Formula

– the process of writing one functional group for another to help synthetic planning and to help disconnection. Note, there must be a good reaction in the reverse (forward!) direction.


Remember, the key to identifying a synthesis or direct combination reaction is to recognize two or more reactants form a more complex product molecule!