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Synthesis of Quercetin 3-O-[6″-O-(trans-p-Coumaroyl)] …

Synthesis of regioselectively acylated quercetin analogues with improved antiplatelet activity.

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The changes in UV–vis absorption of Quercetin in the presence of Tb(III) were examined in the methanol solution. The UV–vis spectra of Quercetin showed an intense absorbance at 280 and 372 nm. When the solution of Tb(III) was added, decrease in absorption observed. The results indicated formation of a complex between Quercetin and Tb(III) ().,,

Series of alkyl quercetin derivatives were synthesized ..

ABTS radical scavenging activity was based on the method of Dehghan et al. Briefly, 54.2 mg of ABTS powder was dissolved in 10 ml of phosphate buffer (5 mM, pH 7.0) and then mixed with 1 g of MnO2 and incubated in room temperature within 30 min for generation of green colored ABTS+. After that the prepared solution was centrifuged for 5 min and after filtration; the filtrate was diluted with phosphate buffer until the absorbance of solution equals with 0.70 ± 0.01 in 734 nm. Different concentrations (0–12.5 μM) of Quercetin and its Quercetin–Tb(III) complex were mixed with 2 ml of ABTS solution and incubated for 10 min at room temperature. The decrease of absorbance was monitored at 734 nm after 10 min.

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Synthesis of regioselectively acylated quercetin …

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Rapid synthesis of nanocrystalline Co3O4 by a microwave-assisted combustion method.

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The release profile of Q-PLAN revealed that the drug release is in the controlled manner. The maximum release of quercetin was obtained in F3 formulations up to 48 h. The slower and sustained release of quercetin from F3 formulation may be attributed to diffusion of the quercetin from the core of the polymer NPs. The drug loaded by nanoprecipitation method has a relatively small burst effect and better-sustained release characteristics [27]. Such controlled release of quercetin favors the development of quercetin based nanomedicines. Being amenable to surface modification, Q-PLAN can also be used for the targeted delivery. In this study, the formulation F3 showed better EE and drug release. Hence the formulation F3 was considered to be the optimized formulation, which can serve as an effective carrier for the delivery of quercetin. Thus we used this F3 formulation for further studies.