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Synthetic porphyrin chemistry is a rapidly changing area of research starting from Rothemund method, Adler–Longo method and finally many of the harsh conditions associated with the above two methods were overcome by following Lindsey method [6] .

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organic chemistry: Introduction Synthesis of Porphyrins

Synthesis of trans-A2B2-Porphyrins Bearing …

It is well-known that fluorinated porphyrinoids show promising potential for photodynamic therapy, imaging, pharmaceutical research and as synthetic models of natural compounds [5] .

Synthesis of trans-A2B2-Porphyrins Bearing Phenylethynyl Substituents

Meso -substituted porphyrins are mainly synthesized by the condensation of appropriate aldehyde with either pyrrole or dipyrromethane and its related analogs [7,8] .

Trans -A 2 B 2 porphyrins can be effectively synthesized by acid-catalyzed two-step one pot reaction of dipyrromethane with an aldehyde.
18/10/2012 · 1. Chem Commun (Camb). 2012 Oct 18;48(81):10069-86. doi: 10.1039/c2cc31279d. Synthesis of π-extended porphyrins via intramolecular oxidative coupling.

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natural porphyrins and total synthesis.