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Also small scale manual SPPS as well as multiple peptide synthesis and the synthesis of pep- tide libraries can be performed very rapidly and conveniently with preformed active esters. Fmoc-AA-ONp and Fmoc-AA-OSu have found only restricted application in SPPS.

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We specialise in the custom synthesis of synthetic peptides and peptide based molecules, providing a confidential and efficient service at competitive prices.

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Peptides are available in milligram to gram quantities, and a range of purities from crude peptides to >98%. Peptides are routinely synthesised from 2 up to 60 amino acids in length, but depending on sequence longer peptides can be synthesised.

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We specialise in the custom synthesis of synthetic peptides and peptide based molecules, providing a confidential and efficient service at competitive prices.

Figure 3. Total synthesis of a 12.1 kD SUMO-1 peptide protein conjugate (, ).

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As mentioned above, the generation and disappearance of Fmoc based chromophors allows the monitoring of the synthesis. Furthermore, samples may be taken to determine the load of Fmoc peptide. The completion of the deprotection reaction may be checked by cleaving samples and analyzing the obtained peptide.

This modified amino acid is obtained when synthesizing peptides with C-terminal Cys.

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The one-pot three peptide segments assembly method developed by the CBC team is described in Scheme 1. It relies on the SEAon/SEAoff concept which allows to control the reactivity of the C-terminus of the peptide segment by adapting the reduction potential of the reaction mixture. This can be done usually using mild experimental conditions and readily available and harmless reagents.
In Scheme 1, the SEAoff group acts as a blocked C-terminal thioester surrogate during the first native chemical ligation (NCL) reaction. This step proceeds in the presence of 4-mercaptophenylacetic acid (MPAA) which is a well-known arylthiol catalyst of the NCL reaction. MPAA is a weak reducing thiol which is unable to reduce SEAoff cyclic disulfide to a significant extent. However, it can be activated in the second step into the SEAon dithiol by reduction with a strong reducing agent such as TCEP.

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