It emits violet fluorescent color.

Severe bronchiolar epithelial cell necrosis was also seen in mice within 2-4 h after intraperitoneal injection of 200-375 mg/kg bw; hepatic and renal necrosis were not observed (Warren et al., 1982).

cyclic voltammogram of 9-fluorenone in EMIBF4 (Figure ...

of 1 and 9-fluorenone were obtained by single crystal ...

7-Bis[2-(diethylamino)ethoxy]-9-fluorenone dihydrochloride CAS NO.

Jongeneelen FJ, Anzion RBM, Scheepers PTJ, Bos RP, Henderson PT, Nijenhuis EH, Veenstra SJ, Brouns RME, & Winkes A (1988b) 1-Hydroxypyrene in urine as a biological indicator of exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in several work environments.

Log(TA100) 2,7-dinitro-9-fluorenone 0.28 2.84 -2 ...

Jongeneelen FJ, Scheepers PTJ, Groenendijk A, Van Aerts LAGJM, Anzion RBM, Bos RP, & Veenstra SJ (1988a) Airborne concentrations, skin contamination, and urinary metabolite excretion of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons among paving workers exposed to coal tar derived road tars.

phenanthrene, fluoranthene, and pyrene) predominating.

rate constants for adsorption (1988) on wood soot particles in an outdoor Teflon chamber for soot loading of: 0.0077 min-1 1.5 - 1000-2000 ng/mg 0.0116 min-1 1.0 - 30-350 ng/mg Benzo[k]fluoranthene Air, particles First-order daytime decay constants Kamens et al.

The maximum level was 1.4 µg/kg fluoranthene (Hopia et al., 1986).

for soot loading of: (1988) 0.0056 min-1 2.1 - 1000-2000 ng/mg 0.0090 min-1 1.3 - 30-350 ng/mg Air, water 4.4 Calculated for direct photochemical Zepp & transformation near surface of Schlotzhauer a water body at 40°N at midday in (1979) midsummer Water 13 Estimated on basis of photolysis Lyman et al.

A special source of exposure to PAH is wood-heated saunas.

in water in winter (1982) Dibenzo[a,h]anthracene Air, water 782 Based on measured rate of photolysis Muel & in heptane in November sun Saguem 6 After adjusting ratio of sunlight (1985) photolysis in water: heptane Fluoranthene Air, particles Determined with 25 µg/g on: Behymer & 74 - silica gel Hites (1985) 23 - alumina 44 - fly ash Air, water 63 Computed, adjusted for approximate Lyman et al.

(1989) Benzo[k]fluoranthene 0.1 1988 Slooff at al.

Jones KC, Grimmer G, Jacob J, & Johnston AE (1989b) Changes in the polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon content of wheat grain and pasture grassland over the last century from one site in the UK.

Few data are available on the release of PAH from oil stoves.

Johnson AC, Larsen PF, Gadbois DF, & Humason AW (1985) The distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the superficial sediments of Penobscot Bay (Maine, USA) in relation to possible sources and to other sites worldwide.

(1985) 4.93 Fluorescence, quenching interaction Gauthier et al.

for soot loading of: (1988) 0.0047 min-1 2.5 - 1000-2000 ng/mg 0.0013 min-1 8.9 - 30-350 ng/mg Air, water 3.8-499 Based on measured rate of photolysis Muel & in heptane under November Saguem sunlight, adjusted by ratio of (1985) sunlight photolysis half-lives in water: heptane Chrysene Air, particles Determined with 25 µg/g on: Behymer & 100 - silica gel Hites (1985) 78 - alumina 38 - fly ash Table 31.