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Today’s computing scenario demands moving beyond conventional way of computing. Some alternatives are addressed to resolve the issues of conventional computing. Out of these alternatives, the reversible computing is emerging as a promising technology that produces high packaging density, computation speed and low power consumption. This book provides a technically rigorous introduction to reversible computing such as reversible logic, library gates, optimization technique and methods for sequential reversible circuit realization. The book discusses the related literature survey on sequential reversible computing. In addition, this text book presents a specialized method for the synthesis of a low cost reversible gate suitable for sequential building block i.e. T flip-flop is proposed. Hence the realization of low cost reversible synchronous and asynchronous counters is reported. A procedure for obtaining reversible circuit from behavioral description through Finite State Machine (FSM) is also incorporated in the text. This work has improved the generation of reversible FSM and evolved the step by step procedure to generate the sequential reversible circuit from reversible FSM.

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Reversible gates allow for the creation of fault tolerant digital devices. Application of these gates enables for realization of safe control systems. At present, control systems based on relays are replaced by systems based on computer technology. This technology allows for the implementation of safe systems. Because this system is composed of many elements, it is very difficult to obtain high safety level for it. Application of reversible logic in synthesis of digital systems constitutes an alternative approach. The paper presents reversible gates along with examples of the usage of them in synthesis of digital systems. The main advantage of reversible logic is the possibility of synthesis of self testing and fault tolerant circuits. Application of circuits based on reversible logic allows developing safe control systems. The paper also presents the proposal for the application of reversible logic in simple control systems. Model and simulation of the proposed axle counting systems based on reversible logic have also been presented.

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New nanometric technologies hold the promise of device integration density increases of several orders of magnitude and, accordingly, an increase of system performance and functionality. However, this improved integration density comes at the cost of a dramatic reduction of several orders of magnitude on the device quality and, in general, on the operation reliability of circuits. The causes for this increased error rate are inherent to the device's dimensions. It is widely acknowledged that fault and defect tolerant strategies will be required in future nanoelectronic systems. This book analyzes the aggression sources causing the increased fault rates and how they affect the reliability of logic gate operation. From this analysis a new logic cell structure is designed and analyzed. The cell is proposed to be used as the building block for a hierarchical approach to fault-tolerant nanoelectronic architectures. This book will be especially useful for researchers and engineers working in the development of nanoelectronic systems.

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