No report of such a disease is available from outside the USSR.

- one - three semester hours, three hours lab per week required for each semester hour of credit. Special problems in chemistry. Individual instruction. Prerequisite: Four semesters of chemistry or equivalent. Lab fee required.

The purpose of this lab was to observe the synthesis of esters and ..

An improved version of this field test is now available (Mattocks & Jukes, 1987).

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However, no information is available on the long-term follow-up of these populations, to ascertain whether this type of exposure could have resulted in an increased incidence of liver cancer or other types of cancer.

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The information available on dose-response relationships is very limited, but the data support the conclusion that even low rates of intake of PAs over a period of time may present a health risk and that exposure should be minimized wherever possible.

e Estimate based on unpublished information available to the Task Group.

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- Four semester hours, three hours lecture, three hours lab per week. Laws, principles, and theories concerning the structure of matter as related to properties. Prerequisites: CHE 231 and MTH 234. Required lab fee. (F)

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- One semester hour, three hours laboratory per week. The preparation and characterization of inorganic compounds. Prerequisite: CHE 441 or concurrent enrollment. Lab fee required. (Sp)

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- Four semester hours, three hours lecture, three hours lab per week. Spectrochemical and electrochemical methods of analysis. Prerequisites: CHE 231, 337. Required lab fee. (F)

No records of the levels of toxic PA intake are available in the earlier reports of human toxicity.

occurs through the formation of ester groups

No information was available to the Task Group on the possible presence of alkaloids or their metabolites in meat from animals that had consumed PA-containing plants shortly before slaughter.

There are several reports of the continued use of such herbs for medicinal purposes in technically advanced countries (Culvenor, 1980).

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- Three semester hours, one hour lecture, four hours lab per week. Teaching experience in undergraduate chemistry laboratory, including maintenance, laboratory preparation, grading and assistance of students in laboratory experience under the direct supervision of faculty mentor. May be repeated for credit if content differs. Prerequisite: permission of the department chair and instructor. Pass-fail grading. (F, Sp, Sum I, Sum II)

Outline of Topics (approximate course time): Variable: dependent on instructor and selected course format.

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Data Table: Test Tube # Color 1 2 3 Dark Purple Very Light Purple Clear and Colorless Balanced Equation: Part 2: NaOH Preparation and Standardization of Sodium Hydroxide Solution Objective 2 The second objective of this lab was to prepare two liters of approximately .1 M NaOH solution to be used in following experiments.