el Bulli SpainThen an exquisite looking mojito baguette!

el Bulli Spain
Nothing too fancy, just endive and walnut with an aromatic bay leaf. Simple ingredients could really be a culinary delight!

el Bulli Spain...and finished off with a dehydrated raspberry.

The History of elBulli: From a Beach Bar to the Best Restaurant in the World

El Bulli – Cooking in Progress Ein Film von Gereon Wetzel

The restaurant as is will cease to be as it was thus transforming into a foundation for the progress of cuisine.
Upon their reopening in 2014 under a totally new format, dedicated on the limits of creativity.

el Bulli SpainLet’s continue. This looks like a beef tartar...

el Bulli Spain
They then brightened these products by a spoonful of shinny olive oil caviar. These caviars were made by a spherification process, one of the famous El Bulli’s cooking techniques.

el Bulli SpainThen, a beautiful landscape of seaweed on a black sand beach!

and aphorisms titled ‘a synthesis of El Bulli cuisine’: ..

el Bulli Spain
Pity that only three of us were able to sample everything, but a few did ask for doggy bags! They even brought us more to take away!

FERRAN ADRIA by Samantha Savage on Prezi

el Bulli Spain
Thanks to Ferran, this freeze-dried strawberry solved the problem – retaining the flavour, reducing the acidity, and eliminating all the juice!
No one should use fresh fruits for chocolate fountain ever again!

17/03/2016 · EL BULLI Ferran Adria ..

To create those experiences, you almost can't listen to the customer." Simply, Adria says he doesn't listen to customers, but his customers seem to be some of the most satisfied in the world.

El Bulli the restaurant closes for six month each year during which time, Adria travels for inspiration and performs experiments and perfects recipes all to reach his creative goals.

05/09/2013 · 23 Commandments of El Bulli's Cuisine ..

el Bulli Spain
I always find chocolate coated with strawberry a terrible invention - the acidic juice mixed with the melting sweet chocolate in the mouth – nasty in terms of both texture and taste!

el Bulli SpainNext, cardamom. Not for us to eat, but for us to smell while having the next course.

el Bulli SpainLook at these weird confections!

As of now, the website states simply: el Bulli restaurant has now closed and has been converted into el Bulli foundation, but has links to a series of enigmatic videos about the vision for the foundation.

el Bulli SpainFinally, our server placed a warm pancake which was a major relief!

13/09/2012 · Synthesis of elBulli cuisine

I honestly cannot understand why the cuisine of Hungary isn't better known abroad. Its rich, intensely savoury palate has been influenced by myriad influences, from Germany, Austria, and elsewhere in Central Europe, to the Balkans, to even Turk...

el Bulli SpainWater from the clam was served separately on its shell to give us a taste of the sea.

Synthesis of elBulli – thehomelesschefs

el Bulli Spain
Ferran did come over to say goodbye and there is no better souvenir than an El Bulli’s menu signed by the master! I am their 226th customer of their last season and he will be back in 2014 for the El Bulli Foundation!