Synthesis of epoxides using :

Our programs are tied by the common theme of organic synthesis. We are interested in the development of new reactions and reagents for natural product total synthesis, and we have contributed a variety of new reactions to the chemist's arsenal, including free radical-mediated aryl and vinyl amination, the Brønsted acid-catalyzed aza-Darzens reaction, and a new acid catalyzed olefin aminoacyloxylation reaction. We also apply these reactions to the targets that inspired them. For example, our synthesis of mitomycin C uses the acid-catalyzed aza-Darzens reaction, in addition to a regioselective enamine-quinone coupling. And in our approach to (+)-zwittermicin A, we deploy a variation of our Brønsted acid catalyzed azide-olefin addition. As a result, we are able to synthesize highly functionalized, stereochemically dense advanced intermediates with considerable brevity. We reported the first total synthesis of (+)-serratezomine A using the free radical-mediated vinyl amination reaction, which provided this challenging target in a mere 15 steps (longest linear sequence).

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T1 - Synthesis of stilbene carboxylic acids as scaffolds for calcium sensors

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Molecular Weight: 163.057 g/mol

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Synthesis of trans-Stilbene oxide - Chempedia - LookChem

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Synthesis Of Stilbene By Wittig Reaction Free Essays

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