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My belief, which I have no sources help support, is that many decades ago when they were first developing artificial flavor they noticed that isoamyl acetate was able to be close enough to the Gros Michel, the common banana of the time, that it was recognizable as banana. It may not have been a perfect match, but was close enough to commercialize as artificial banan flavoring. When the Gros Michel was not mass producable anymore and the Cavendish became common in middle of the 20th century, the industry just didn't change the artificial flavor. Whether it was due to the isoamyl acetate being so much easier/cheaper to manufacture than a more accurate simulation of the cavendish or if it was just that the consumers came to expect a specific taste and there was no money in improving it, or some other reason, nobody knows for sure.

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Also present in apple, apricot, banana, papaya, wheat bread, other breads, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, coffee, black tea, roasted filbert, plum brandy and cooked shrimp.

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There are a group of chemicals called Esters that are very common in plants and it can have a big impact on their taste/smell. [1] Some fruit/vegetables have greater concentrations of one or more of them. One of them, isoamyl acetate, is the primary flavoring in artificial banana flavor. I believe esters are relatively easy/cheap to manufacture.

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The Gros Michael or Big Mike banana isn't dead or extinct, but is rare enough to only be sold commercially in a few nations today (the disease that lead to its replacement by the Cavendish originated in Central America (main exporter of Banana's to the US) and spread to most of the world though a few areas maintain a quarantine to allow continued farming of the less resistant Gros Michael).

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This was the first time we had ever seen animals like binturongs, kinkajous, and servals and the closest we had ever gotten to lions, tigers, and leopards. All of us were fascinated by the animals, especially as they received scent enrichment and tasty treats of bananas, chicken breasts, and steaks!

Synthesis of Banana Essence (Isopentyl acetate) using FischerReaction and the Reflux setup John Raphael T

It imparts fruit flavors like those of banana, ..