as a source of ammonia in the Borch reaction in organic synthesis

3; 770 g/L, filtered) or 7.5 M ammonium acetate (4).
Precipitation of DNA: Make the DNA-containing sample 2.5 M ammonium acetate by adding 0.5 volume 7.5 M ammonium acetate stock solution.

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Metallic calcium presented clear advantages: () it did not bring into thesynthesis solutions any foreign or spectator anions, such as nitrates,chlorides or acetates, and () itcaused deprotonation of theaqueous synthesis media resulting in a smooth and rapid pH increase (as shownbelow), totally eliminating the need for base (,KOH, , NH4OH, etc.) additions tomaintain the synthesis pH above neutral.

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The major drawback associated with the use of calcium nitrate or calciumacetate was that the synthesized phases would be poisoned by the residualnitrate or acetate ions, as it was experimentally proven by .

Synthesis of annelated pyridines from 1,5-diketone equivalents using cupric acetate and ammonium ..
Ammonium Acetate Synonyms Long Text: Acetic Acid Ammonium salt EINECS: 211-162 …

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Our unpurified product contains various organic salts, including benzamide, isobutyramide, and ammonium acetate which are utilized during synthesis to protect both the backbone and the bases. The following procedure utilizes a disposable reverse-phase cartridge to remove these salts.

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of 0.1M sodium acetate3982.3 mls17.7 mls4847.0 mls153.0 mls5357.0 mls643.0 mls652.2 mls947.8 mlsAcetate buffer solutions pH 3.6 - 5.6 Make up the following solutions(1) 0.1M acetic acid(2) 0.1M sodium acetate (tri-hydrate) (13.6g / l)Mix in the following proportions to get the required ph [Pearse 1980]phVol.

Ammonium Acetate Synonyms Long Text: Acetic Acid Ammonium salt EINECS: 211-162-9 …

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