Various forms of aluminum oxides;

It is not found in nature as the free element but in combination in clay, bauxite, mica, feldspar, alum, cryolite, and in the several forms of alumina such as emery, corundum, sapphire, and ruby (forms of aluminum oxides).

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Because we have a +3 charge and a -2 charge, the correct formula for aluminum oxide is Al2O3.

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The structural and compositional differences among various forms of alumina are associated with differing particulate size, particulate surface area, surface reactivity and catalytic activity.

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Example are gamma-aluminas (or activated aluminas) formed by dehydration at below 600°C and rho-aluminas formed by dehydration at higher temperatures (900-1000°C) which are nearly anhydrous Al

So with a +1 charge and a - 1 charge, the formula for sodium chloride is NaCl.

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An oxyhydrogen gas probe returns positive. Under normal circumstances, aluminum does not react with water, as an impermeable protective layer composed of aluminum hydroxide either forms within seconds or is already in place.

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With the production of aluminates (Al(OH)4-), the amphoteric (capable of acting as either an acid or a base) aluminum hydroxide Al(OH)3 goes in solution: A layer of aluminum oxide previously formed by passive corrosion is dissolved by the addition of sodium hydroxide.

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In order to write a balanced equation that represents the synthesis of potassium bromide, we need the formulas of the elements potassium and bromine on the left and the formula of potassium bromide on the right side of the equation.

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Aluminum is very reactive chemically but it resists corrosion by the self-protecting continuous thin layer of oxidation which forms quickly on the nascent aluminium surface when exposed to oxygen, water or other oxidants and prevents further corrosion.

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Such incomplete thermal decomposition produces a porous and reactive basic aluminum chloride [Al2O3·2HCl·2H2O or Al2(OH)4Cl2·H2O] which dissolves in water to give poly(aluminum chloride) used as an efficient flocculation agent.