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We first made efforts in systematically studying the synthesis of alpha-Fe2O3 or beta-FeOOH nano/micro rods and established robust recipes for controlling the size and dimension of the products.

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Effect of iron deficiency and desferrioxamine on DNA synthesis in human cells.

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The functional data and the fact that NF-E2 sites are found in association with this constellation of genes involved in red cell development, suggests that NF-E2 coordinates hemoglobin production by regulating the expression of globin proteins, heme biosynthesis and iron uptake (Andrews, 1994).

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NF-E2 recognition elements are also found in the promoters for red cell-specific forms of the heme biosynthetic enzymes porphobilinogen deaminase and ferrochelatase (Mignotte et al., 1989); (Taketani et al., 1992). Interestingly, forced expression of p45 NF-E2 in non-erythroid cells stimulates iron uptake (Chang and Andrews, in preparation).

Alpha-thalassemia - there is deficient synthesis of alpha globin.

The level of iron uptake is sufficient for cell division but not hemoglobin synthesis (Shannon et al., 1986). Beug and co-workers demonstrated that an anti-transferrin receptor monoclonal antibody to chick erythroid cells blocked erythroid differentiation at the erythroblast or early reticulocyte stage, and promoted premature, pyknotic cell death (Schmidt et al., 1986).

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Chelators may also induce apoptosis or programmed cell death (Fukuchi et al., 1994). Erythroid precursors need an extraordinary amount of iron to support hemoglobin synthesis and differentiation into mature red cells.

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Obese individuals also have low levels of iron. The reason for this is not known because unlike vitamin D, iron would not be stored in the fat cells. Iron is best known as a cofactor in haemoglobin, where it is required to transport oxygen in the blood. However, it also acts as a cofactor in the tyrosine hydroxylase enzyme, and low iron status may therefore be associated not only with poor oxygen transport, but also with a reduced synthesis of dopamine.

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The shape change in the heme group has important implicationsfor the rest of the hemoglobin protein, as well. When the ironatom moves into the porphyrin plane upon oxygenation, thehistidine residue to which the iron atom is attached is drawncloser to the heme group. This movement of the histidine residuethen shifts the position of other amino acids that are near thehistidine (Figure 6). When the amino acids in a protein areshifted in this manner (by the oxygenation of one of the hemegroups in the protein), the structure of the interfaces betweenthe four subunits is altered. Hence, when a single heme group inthe hemoglobin protein becomes oxygenated, the whole proteinchanges its shape. In the new shape, it is easier for the otherthree heme groups to become oxygenated. Thus, the binding of onemolecule of O2 to hemoglobin enhances the ability ofhemoglobin to bind more O2 molecules. This property ofhemoglobin is known as "cooperative binding."

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Iron nitride is used in the synthesis of ammonia and carbon nanofibers. It is involved in the creation of ferrofluids, a liquid rocket fuel. It finds applications in making the strongest naturally magnetic material.

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The investigators postulated that insufficient levels of heme or hemoglobin might shut off production of proteins required for differentiation. These data are in concord with Ponka and co-workers, who have shown that the rate of heme synthesis is influenced by the efficiency of an unknown step in iron uptake.