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Acetanilide is used as an inhibitor in hydrogen peroxide and is used to stabilize cellulose ester varnishes. It has also found uses in the intermediation in rubber accelerator , dyes and dye intermediate synthesis, and camphor synthesis. Acetanilide is used for the production of 4-acetamidobenzenesulfonyl chloride, a key intermediate for the manufacture of the sulfa drugs. It is also a precursor in the synthesis of penicillin and other pharmaceuticals.

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Synthesis of Acetanilide was started from aniline and acetic anhydride via a nucleophilic acyl substitution reaction to form acetanilide and acetid acid under water (base).Under a basic condition, the free electrons in amine(aniline) attracts the C2 of Acetic anhydride (carbonyl group of acyl compound) and formed tetrahedral intermediate. The leaving group acetate was reppled by reforming of keton. The free electon on H2O attract the H in NH2+ cation and formed H3O+,and left product acetanilide. Also the acetate pulled a proton from H3O+ to form acetid acid, while the H3O+ was going back to be H2O.

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Aniline(2 ml,2.06 g,22.1 mmol), Acetic anhydride(3 ml,3.24 g,31.7 mmol), and distilled water(15 ml,15 g, 0.832 mol) were combined and stirred 30 minutes. Upon completion, the product was dried by porcelain Buchner funnel and ice-cold water(2 ml) was used to wash product for 20 minutes to dry off solvent. Remaining white power was desired product. The melting point of pure acetanilide should be the range from 113 C to 115 C.

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Acetanilide is a white solid organic compound mainly used in organic synthesis. Other names of this compound include N-phenylacetamide, acetanilide and acetanil. It was formerly used for treating fever and headache and was known by its brand name Antifebrin.

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This production method of Acetanilide used to be a traditional experiment in introductory lab classes of organic chemistry. However, it was replaced by the preparation process of other compounds (aspirin or paracetamol) to avoid using aniline which is a suspected carcinogen.

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