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Fadi Homsi; Kazushi Hosoi; Kyoko Nozaki; Tamejiro Hiyama. Solid phase cross-coupling reaction of aryl(halo)silanes with 4-iodobenzoic acid. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry. 2001, 624, (1-2)208-216

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2-Iodobenzoic acid, or o-iodobenzoic acid, is an organic compound with the formula IC 6 H 4 COOH

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Catalytic use of -iodoxybenzoic acid (IBX) in the presence of Oxone as a co-oxidant is demonstrated for the oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols in user- and eco-friendly solvent mixtures. Also demonstrated is the in situ (re)oxidation of 2-iodosobenzoic acid (IBA) and even commercially available 2-iodobenzoic acid (2IBAcid) by Oxone to IBX allowing one to use these less hazardous reagents, in place of potentially explosive IBX, as catalytic oxidants.

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4-Iodobenzoic acid was used in the synthesis of [hydroxy(4-carboxyphenyl)iodonium]ion in situ that helps in the cleavage of a variety of alkenes. It is is used as anti-infective, contraceptive agent and x-ray contrast medium for diagnostic radiology.

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Oxidative cleavage of a variety of olefins to the corresponding ketones/carboxylic acids is shown to occur in a facile manner with 3,4,5,6-tetramethyl-2-iodobenzoic acid (TetMe-IA)/oxone. The simple methodology involves mere stirring of the olefin and catalytic amount (10 mol %) of TetMe-IA and oxone in acetonitrile–water mixture (1:1, v/v) at rt. The reaction mechanism involves initial dihydroxylation of the olefin with oxone, oxidative cleavage by the in situ-generated 3,4,5,6-tetramethyl-2-iodoxybenzoic acid (TetMe-IBX), and oxidation of the aldehyde functionality to the corresponding acid with oxone. Differences in the reactivities of electron-rich and electron-poor double bonds have been exploited to demonstrate chemoselective oxidative cleavage in substrates containing two double bonds.

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