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The thiosaccharide compounds in the morphine series 5b, 5e, 6a, and 6c showed 1.5−2.4-fold higher affinity for the μ receptor than M6G, but were generally less selective than M6G.

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The functional activity of the M6G and C6G analogues was examined with the [35S]GTP-γ-S assay.

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Elderly people in general have increased fat-to-lean body mass ratiosand reduced glomerular filtration rates. Opioids produce cognitive andneuropsychiatric dysfunction through poorly defined mechanisms that inpart include the accumulation of biologically active metabolites such asmorphine-6-glucuronideor normeperidine Opioid dosagetitration should take into account not only analgesic effects but alsoside effects that extend beyond cognitive impairment. Such side effectsmay include urinary retention (a threat in elderly males with prostatichyperplasia), constipation and intestinal obstruction, or respiratorydepression.

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Cancer often occurs in the elderly, who usually have decreased renalfunction as a normal result of aging. Mild age-related renalinsufficiency (decline in glomerular filtration rate) can impede theexcretion of the biologically active metabolites of many opioids,resulting in clinically significant sedation and respiratory depression as well asnausea Meperidine, methadone, levorphano, pentazocine, and propoxyphene haveincreased bioavailability, prolonged half-lives, and decreased systemicclearance and thus accumulate in patients with hepatic or renaldysfunction. Renal excretion is a major route of elimination not onlyfor opioids but also for their pharmacologically active metabolitesnorpropoxyphene, normeperidine, morphine-6-glucuronide, anddihydrocodeine. Hence, in patients with renal dysfunction, doses of theparent compounds should be lowered or given less frequently.

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