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BV: Yeah, yeah. That's interesting. Well maybe this is going in a slightly different direction, but originally, the reason I wanted to use voice with synthesis was to create a control source that would function in a really specific way, and that's that it wouldn't be consistent: it would have the organic inconsistency of vocalisations. The first time I engaged in that was this mimetic sort of way. There's this history of transcribing bird song in modern classic music, like [Oliver] Messiaen of course. So I come across this great bird transcription by a field biologist—I can't remember his name. It was this really long, fantastic transcription of bird song. But it read like a Dadaist poem, like a sound poem, like Hugo Ball or something like that. I vocalised it, I loved the vocalisation of it, and I thought, "This can become the input for the synthesiser, and it'll have these imperfections and all these degrees of subjectivity." It's the bird being interpreted by the man, then the man finding language to create a text with it—that's a very strange translation right there—he's French, English is my first language, so then I'm reading it thinking, "What would a translation by an English-speaking field biologist look like?" There are all these layers of translation that are going on that break down subjectivity. Each of the translations is a subjective thing, it's not like pure data run through a system, input-output. There's a humanisation or natural thing that happens in each of those steps.

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Vida's work hasn't always sounded like this, though, and his practice has undergone multiple reinventions over the last twenty years. It wasn't until 2010 that he started working primarily with synthesis, and it has proved fecund territory for him. He began gravitating toward more open-ended artistic practice as opposed to a strictly musical way of working. He got his MFA from Bard College in upstate New York in an interdisciplinary program, where the most interesting conversations he had proved not to be with other composers but with writers.

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Over the course of the season, the team successfully designed and cloned genetic constructs into the iGEM pSB1C3 standard, characterized and submitted our parts, and successfully synthesized and secreted PHB! We sincerely thank all of the experts we consulted in the list below, as we would not have been able to inform the design of our project without their valuable feedback.

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Tricia Lim: Helped design the synthesis constructs. Developed branding for the team and project including logos, uniforms, and promotional material. Designed graphics for the presentation, wiki, poster, and the deliverables used in workshops to engage and educate the public about synthetic biology. Designed the cover pages for the Canadian and International iGEM Newsletters and created a Sponsorship Package design with a template that is open to the public to use. Participated in a Minds in Motion Workshop during the summer.

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A typical example for our stepwise scientific approach to your issues might include some or all of the following steps: Seeking your data, data review; data analysis, synthesis, planning, project design, project scope, schedule and costing, project implementation, project completion.

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From January to April of 2017, our team got together for the first time over weekly meetings. As the majority of our team had no synthetic biology or iGEM experience, we spent a lot of this time learning about what synthetic biology is and how it works, as well as the infrastructure of iGEM. Over this period, our mentors (composed of some 2016 iGEM team members) held presentations to explain the parts registry, what human practices entails, Wiki requirements, and general iGEM advice. At this point, we also began looking into previous team's projects to get an idea of what is possible. A portion of this time was also dedicated to each team member acquiring research funding for the summer.