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This document provides instructions for installing and configuring SQL Server Express Edition for use with an enterprise repository in ReliaSoft's . SQL Server 2012 Express is shown as an example, but similar steps can be used for earlier versions.

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On the Task page, you will need to add information at the end of the existing text in the Run field. Click inside the field and use the right arrow key to scroll all the way to the right (or press the End key). Type or copy/paste the following text after the final quote in the Run line:

EINECS Numbers List of Chemicals - 3592 compounds

After completing the wizard (or double-clicking the task in the Scheduled Tasks window), you will see the properties of the task you have created.

The 1132 sentence prompt list is available from

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To begin the installation of the SQL Server Express Edition package, choose the Express with Tools version (either 32-bit or 64-bit, depending on your computer) and click Download. When you run the downloaded file, the SQL Server Installation Center will open with the Installation step active. Click New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation to open the SQL Server Setup window, which will guide you through the installation process.

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You will need to the individual installations for the SQL Server 2012 Express Database Engine (Express (Database Only)) and the SQL Server Management Studio Express from the Microsoft website, or the single installation file (Express with Tools) that includes both the database and the tools (this is the method that will be used in these instructions). Alternatively, if you want to include full text and reporting functionality, you can download the more comprehensive SQL Server 2012 Express Database with Advanced Services (Express with Advanced Services) installation file (which also includes SQL Server Management Studio).

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Open SQL Server Management Studio Express.

PetDB is maintained and continuously updated as part of the EarthChem data collections. The current version is , released on October 10, 2016

Microsoft SQL Server Databases

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In either case, if you have a reasonably powerful computer and "administrative rights" to install and configure software, you can establish a functioning implementation of a Synthesis enterprise repository using the step-by-step instructions provided below. When you choose to purchase the software and/or if your organization's needs grow beyond the capabilities of SQL Server Express, you can upgrade to a more robust version of SQL Server with the appropriate IT infrastructure and support.

Note: Make sure that the file name you create ends with the .bak extension (

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The following steps are needed to ensure that the Synthesis-enabled application(s) on your own computer and the applications on other users' computers will have access to the SQL Server database that resides on your computer. Specifically, you will need to enable remote connections for SQL Server, start the Browser Service and create exceptions that allow traffic to pass through any firewalls that may be active on your computer or network, as described next. Note that the instructions given here are for Windows 7.