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In the case of the argumentative synthesis essay, the conclusion answers the "so what" that was proposed in the thesis or may call for action from the reader.

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The synthesis gas production and subsequent compression stands for a large amount of the investment cost in a methanol production plant and most of the energy need to power the process and represents as much as 60 % of the capital cost

Some heat is normally recovered and used for other parts of the synthesis.

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The body paragraphs of a synthesis essay can be organized using several different techniques separately or in combination. These techniques can include: using a summary, making comparisons and contrasts, providing examples, proposing cause and effect, or conceding opposing viewpoints. Each of these formats allows the student the chance to incorporate the source materials in either the explanatory or the argumentative synthesis essay.

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The introduction to either synthesis essay contains a one-sentence (thesis) statement that sums up the essay's focus and introduces the sources or texts that will be synthesized. Students should follow the citation guidelines in referencing the texts in the essay, which includes their title and author(s) and maybe a little context about the topic or background information.

To accommodate the need for hydrogen in the synthesis process electrolysis of water is performed with electricity.

Fatty Acids -- Synthesis from acetyl CoA

The synthesis gas produced from coal is usually in higher need of purification than that produced from natural gas, especially sulphur compounds must be removed before the methanol synthesis to protect the sensitive catalysts from poisoning.

You can embed  with synthetic routes pre-loaded into your lesson plans, by simply adding one line of HTML code to your web page:

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Up to six compounds may be added in the form of a valid systematic name, CAS identifier or ChemSpider ID. So long as these compounds are in the database, they will load and any synthetic pathways that exist between the compounds will be displayed.

The process produces synthesis gas with the right H2/CO ratio, called metgas, in a single or two-step process.

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The synthesis gas produced have a deficit of hydrogen and must be subjected to the water gas shift reaction (equation 12) in improve the H2/CO ratio.