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Salbutamol is still commonlymarketed as the less biologically effective racemic mixture which can besynthesised using the same routes without the diastereomeric resolutionor asymmetric steps.

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1b) Via arylethanolamine methyl ester (with NaproxenResolution):Step 1:Yield 70-75%Step 2:
Yield 80% Crude (aprox)Step 3:Yield 75-82%Step 4:Yield 70%Step 5 + 6:Step 7+8:
Naproxen: (+)-6-Methoxy--methyl-2-naphthaleneaceticacid, CH3OC10H6CH(CH3)CO2H
Two steps, Total Yield 15%, 86.4%ccStep 9:
Many different resolution targets can be used to produce pure R-salbutamolincluding, as in the second synthesis, a racemic mixture of salbutamolits self.

which is a common reagent in organic synthesis

Welcome to Steve Ley’s research group webpages. Our laboratories, the Whiffen and Innovative Technology Centre are in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Cambridge. Here you’ll find out about our current research in flow chemistry and organic synthesis, as well as a look back at our historical achievements in natural product synthesis. We’re always keen to host academic and industry visitors and you are invited to get in touch.

The synthesesfollow the general scheme of the addition of the requisite groups withprotection of the more reactive groups to prevent their conversion.

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His preparation of tropinone is a competent but long synthesis which demonstrates one of the fundamental difficulties involved in the preparation of complex organic molecules. Although the individual steps in the synthesis generally give good to excellent yields, there are many of them which means that the overall yield becomes diminishingly small, of the order of 1%. As a result the early steps in the synthesis have to be carried out on inconveniently large quantities of material, and despite this, usually have to be repeated several times in order to obtain sufficient material to carry out the later stages on an acceptable scale.

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New Path Molecular a new originating from our labs, now based on the Babraham Research Campus, specialises in the chemical synthesis of complex functional molecules using cutting edge techniques, methods and instrumentation. Their outputs are being used to validate biological processes and produce products globally in pharma, agrochem and animal health. EC 2020 Horizon Steve Ley has been awarded a grant as part of a larger consortium. , a 4-year project with ca. 3.9 million Euro budget, launched in January 2017. The consortium involves 7 academic teams including us, the University of Lyon/CPE Lyon, University of Hull, Eindhoven University of Technology, Delft University of Technology, Graz University of Technology, MicroInnova and the University of Bielefeld in Germany.

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The first synthesis of atropine was achieved by Richard Willstätter in 1901 [7]. Before continuing the discussion of his work it is perhaps useful to remind ourselves of the situation which faced organic chemists at this time. Recent innovations such as mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy which are taken for granted today, were simply not available to assist in the determination of structure. Instead chemists had to rely on hard won information based upon simple chemical tests. This information was often inadequate and incomplete and the determination of structure was a process of detective work which often required great intuition and creativity. At this time structure determination was not always equivocal and final proof could only be established by unambiguous synthesis of the compound with the suspected structure followed by comparison with an authentic sample of the natural product. Thus synthesis was often a matter of utilitarian necessity rather than the creative, elegant art form illustrated by the work of many of the great synthetic chemists such as Woodward and Corey.

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Also in the Flow area: with the multistep synthesis of 5-methyl-4-propylthiophene-2-carboxylic acid as our example, we’ve devised a single reactor platform to conduct both batch and flow reactions, either singly or in concert, using open source technologies to automate, control and monitor individual processes. See in React. Chem. Eng., 2016, 1, 629. We’ve also developed a modular software system that enables researchers to monitor and control chemical reactions via the Internet, using any device from any location in the world. See in Org. Process. Res. Dev. 2016, 20, 386. A few other bits and bobs: our and a virtual tour around our Flow Laboratory; – the IoCT which we define as the interconnection and networking of chemical machines, computing devices and all chemical services delivered through the infrastructure of the Internet is coming; – enabling researchers to rationalise and predict organic reactions using computational analysis in silico. TOPICAL REVIEWS