These resins and plastics have a huge range of uses.

Mental health manifestations of neurotoxin exposure can be similar to those that are caused by psychosocial stressors associated with poor work organization, as well as psychological reactions to accidents, very stressful occurrences and severe intoxications, called post-traumatic stress disorder (as discussed elsewhere in this Encyclopaedia). A good understanding of the relation between mental health problems and working conditions is important to initiating adequate preventive and curative actions.

What vitamin is the coenzyme of this reaction synthesized from?

It is used in the detection of metals and in the absorption of poisonous gases.

Uses of coke: An important industrial and domestic solid fuel.

Workers exposed to solvents for long periods of time may exhibit disturbances of central nervous system function which are permanent. Since an excess of subjective symptoms, including headache, fatigue, impaired memory, loss of appetite and diffuse chest pains, have been reported, it is often difficult to confirm this effect in any individual case.

Welding; fermentation; manufacture, storage and use of dry ice

Flavorant and odorant, used in manufacture of plastics, as plasticizer for cellulose esters and ethers, in lacquers and varnishes, in explosives, in pyrotechnics, in embalming fluid, in manufacture of cymene, in camphorated parachlorophenol, paregoric, and flexible collodion

quinine and atropine) are used medicinally in the form of soluble salts.

Chapter 7 - Nervous System NERVOUS SYSTEM: OVERVIEW

The ventral and dorsal roots are where the peripheral nerves enter and leave the spinal cord along its length. Adjoining vertebrae contain openings to allow root fibres forming the spinal nerves to leave the spinal canal. There are 31 pairs of spinal nerves, which are named according to the region of the vertebral column with which they are associated: 8 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 5 sacral and 1 coccyxeal. A metamera is a region of the body innervated by a spinal nerve ().

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The medulla oblongata contains neural structures that control heart rate and breathing, sometimes the targets of neurotoxic agents and drugs causing death. Located between the medulla oblongata and the midbrain, the pons (bridge) derives its names from the large number of fibres traversing its anterior aspect en route to the cerebellar hemispheres. The cerebellum-in Latin, little brain-is characteristically corrugated in appearance. The cerebellum receives sensory information and sends motor messages essential for motor coordination. It is responsible (among other functions) for the execution of fine movements. This scheduling-or programming-requires the adequate timing of sensory inputs and motor responses. The cerebellum is often the target of numerous neurotoxic agents-for example, alcoholic beverages, many industrial solvents, lead-which affect motor responses.

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Brain stem is a comprehensive term that designates the region of the nervous system that includes the medulla, the pons and the midbrain. The brain stem is a continuation of the spinal cord upward and forward (ventrally). It is in this region where most of the cranial nerves make their exits and entrances. There are 12 pairs of cranial nerves; describes the name and main function of each pair and ) shows the entrance and exits of some cranial nerves in the brain.

HME13 and its application to enzymatic quantification of ergothioneine.

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They are used to reduce the ageing/deterioration of rubber and plastics.

Benzene hexachloride | chemical compound | …

Amines take part in many kinds of chemical reactions and offer many applications include in agrochemicals, dyestuffs (the best known being aniline), pharmaceuticals, and corrosion inhibitors.

They are broadly labeled, and can be used in both rural andurban areas in a variety of habitats.

trimethyl amine, 75-50-3 - The Good Scents Company

Oils and alcohols will kill mosquito pupae as wellas larvae, and because there action is more physical than biochemical, they donot lead to development of pesticide resistance.