Synthesis and properties of Fluorinated Ethyl-Methyl-Ethers

The topics covered include: structure-property relationships in polyimides; photochemistry and photophysics of polyimides; thermal and UV laser pyrolyses of polyimides; residual stress evaluation in polyimides; synthesis and characterization of a variety of polyimides; high T polyimide; fluorinated polyimides; highly oriented polyimide films; high-temperature aromatic copolymer thermosets; shape-memory polymers; polyimides as liquid crystal alignment layers; surface properties of polyimides; metal-containing polyimides for optoelectronic applications; polyimide L-B films; polyimides coated with copper sulfide; carbon fiber/polyimide composites; and simulations of the polyimide/silica interface.

Synthesis and Properties of Highly Fluorinated Polyimides.

Dielectric and gas transport properties of highly fluorinated polyimides ..

Synthesis and properties of transparent polyimides …

The fluorinated polyimide films (7–10 μm in thickness) also showed highly optical transparency with light transmittance at 450 nm of as high as 97.0% and cutoff wavelength of as low as 298 nm.

Synthesis and properties of fluorinated polyimides

Polyimides constitute an important class of materials because of their many desirable traits, for example: low dielectric constant, high breakdown voltage, good planarization, wear resistance, radiation resistance, inertness to solvents, good adhesion properties, good hydrolytic stability, low thermal expansion, long-term stability and excellent mechanical properties.

3-Fluorinated polyimides: synthesis, properties, and applications
Synthesis and characterization of polyimides based on new fluorinated 3,3 ..

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The synthesis and optical properties of novel fluorinated polyimides incorporated with highly electro-optic active thiazole and benzothiazole based chromophores

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Fluorinated polyimides: synthesis, properties, and applications (Book chapter) Handbook of specialty fluorinated polymers

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