Now let's revise our working thesis into a stronger claim.

Specific Purpose Statement: The audience will learn what causes stress and how stress can affect their health, and how they can manage their everyday stress with different techniques.

...ion, teen stress is one of the world’s biggest problems.

No matter how different your stress is, but everyone experiences it once in their life.

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However stress can also provide beneficial effects; it can satisfy one’s need for stimulation and challenge, promote personal growth, and can provide an individual with the tools to cope with, and be less affected by tomorrow’s stress (Weiten & Lloyd, 2006, p....

Everyone has stress in his or her life at one point or another.

At this point, it is imperative to seek out positive and productive contrivance to manage stress and, more importantly, to confront the person or situation that is causing the stress....

If we look at the start of most health problems, we can likely trace it back to chronic stress.

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(2012) says “a major cause of stress in modern life is bad management, because stress negatively affects the immune system and health”, (“Bad Bosses can be Bad for Your Health” Para.

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Well there are things that you can do extraneously to relieve stress one is a hobby, others are exercise routines, become apart of self help groups or see a therapist.

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Good time management enables you to do the following: • Asses your priorities – By doing this you can identify what needs to be done and how it compares to other tasks and puts you in a position to prioritise.

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Stress from work is as a result of workers reacting negatively and harmfully to the demands, pressures, targets, expectations and demands placed on them at work....

If the stress is work related than simply change or adjusts the working environment.

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It also wreaks havoc on the muscular system, which is directly affected by the nervous system. When we hold tension in our bodies, often without even realising we’re doing so, it can accumulate into causing trapped nerves, cramps, painful aches and even serious mobility issues. Taking time to relax is more than just enjoying time to rest, it’s a major part of self preservation. But just how important is it?

The relationship between time and stress management are very similar....

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Psychologists describe stress as “demands of life” which pointed out as “stressors” and stress is the cause of the worn out tissue of our body (Meenakshisundaram, 2012, p.101)....

The various forms of preventions to stress by researchers are also described.

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Stress is the combination of psychological, physiological, and behavioral reactions that people have in response to events that threaten or challenge them.