However, what are the extent people will go to get the perfect body.

The first thing you need to do is determine how you feel about this particular issue. Many students, especially sports fans or students who play sports may have some first hand insight on this topic. Try not to be to bias when writing your thesis, but use what you already know to consider carefully both sides of the issue.

PEDs are substances used by athletes to increase their performance.

The MLB has created some of the most historic American icons, such as Babe Ruth and Ted Williams.

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Although these drugs may be the gateway, or shortcut to success, the athletes who abuse these drugs are not aware of how much they impact the sport and their self....

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Apart from health problems, there are other dangers of abusing or unlawfully using steroids. Usage of steroids without prescription is, in fact, breaking the law. Drug testing has become more common and prevalent for all athletes. The failure of a drug test by an athlete may have legal consequences including monetary fines, jail time, forfeiture of medals or trophies or exclusion from team or an event. For example many players in baseball have been named as abusers of steroids, their reputations negatively affected. However, the fight against abuse of steroids, especially among athletes, is the responsibility of every stakeholder. (Wilson, Schmidt)

Players like them showed us what it was like to play baseball the right way....

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Steroids can also increase the process of male baldness specifically in predisposed users. Because the natural testosterone of human body is not required when anabolic steroids are used, the body halts generating its own testosterone supply which results in testicles shrinking. Abuse of steroids can result in the significant rise of blood pressure due to their overall ability to increase red blood cell count. The steroids users are more exposed to ‘Roid Rage’ or increased aggression. Evidence suggests that abuse of anabolic steroids significantly increase aggressive and violent behavior among some users.

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The human body can produce the same substances naturally, without taking drugs, but people continue to load up on these supplements such as creatine or androstenedione....

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Lyme Disease (LD) or Lyme Disease Complex is associated with the offending bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi (Borrelia) or other Borrelia species. There is also the potential of other concurrent infections called “co-infections.” Organisms are usually cleared by our immune system or infectious disease treatment. Borrelia may alter your immune system so that Borrelia and the other infections together can’t be effectively cleared. Lyme Disease Complex may also include other inflammatory problems, autoimmune diseases and consequences of a dysregulated immune system and permanent damage from the bacteria. The persistence of Borrelia after “treatment” is a debatable point. Persistence of Borrelia has been shown in different animal and human studies.

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Right now there is a lot of information out there that is controversial and interesting that a student could use to write an engaging paper on this topic. Knowing how to approach a topic of this nature, takes a little bit of work and strategic researching, below we've written a step by step guide for tackling your steroid debate paper.

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Steroids can cause fusion and advancements of the epiphysis. As there is increase in the androgen levels, it leads to advancement of bone age. Growth is ultimately finished when bone plates are entirely fused. Most of the times, users of anabolic steroid do not have proper access to adequate amount of sterile and clean needles, or do not follow proper injection protocol, the dangers of contracting HIV or Hepatitis significantly increases. There is also a danger of hair loss due to abuse of steroids. Anabolic steroids can also convert to variations of Dihydrotestosterone, a standard reason of early hair loss.

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These types of images are becoming extremely commonplace in society today, and also increasingly disturbing considering just a few short years ago the ‘bodybuilder’s body’ was just a niche in the sports world.