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The official cause of death is a staph infection.

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My 15 year old daughter had pierced her nipples and one started to get infected. She took the nipple rings out hoping to heal, and shortly after developed extreme pain in her left breast. This went on for a couple of days until she started to feel very large lumps, and more intense pain. After she told me about it I took her to the doctor. She was given antibiotics and told to use warm compresses to try and get it to drain. They sent in a sample to the lab and it was a staph infection. She got some to drain the first day, but no more. The pain got worse and she could not use her left arm so I took her back. They scheduled her with a surgeon who went and cut about an inch and squeezed a lot of infection out. He gave me some q-tips, and twice a day I need to douse them in peroxide and stick them in the cut to keep it open. She has gause to keep in her bra to catch the discharge, and is still taking the antibiotics. She also has vicodin for pain. I have taken her temperature and it has been right arount 100-100.5 degrees since the procedure. I am concerned first of all about the fever, as she did not have one before, and secondly about how contageous she might be. I have an 8 year old daughter home from school with strep throat. I would appreciate any advice you will give. Thank you, Laura

I have a group staph infection in my artificial knee

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Hi my mom has been in the hospital 9 days she went in for a cough and now they say she has bronchitis and pnenomia and asthma and a rattle in her chest she has been on a breathing machine and i have heard that you can get staph infections from that is that possible I would think she should be feeling better after 9 days of antibotics in a iv shes been getting.
Any help would be appreciated Thank You

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My boyfriend got a staph infection on his genitals and I found a sore on mine so I went in to get it checked. They did some tests as well as a herpes test. I came out positive for staph and herpes but only had one sore. My boyfriend has had a few herpes tests done but he comes out negitive and his doctor says it doesnt look like herpes either. We dont know where either of us could have gotten herpes and I was wondering if the lab could have made a mistake and the herpes test could have been wrongfully diagnosed as positive. Hope to hear back soon, very stressed and confused.

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