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Secular stagnation also increases the danger of competitive monetary easing and even of currency wars. Looser money, starting with near-zero capital costs, is likely to generate demand primarily through increases in competitiveness. This is a zero-sum game, since currency movements switch demand from one country to another rather than increase it globally. Fiscal expansions, in contrast, raise demand on a global basis. International coordination is thus necessary to avoid an excessive and self-defeating reliance on monetary policy and achieve a mutually rewarding reliance on fiscal policy to address problems.

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Its principal impacts are to (1) elevate the significance of the financial sector relative to the real sector, (2) transfer income from the real sector to the financial sector, and (3) increase income inequality and contribute to wage stagnation. Additionally, there are reasons to believe that financialization may put the economy at risk of debt deflation and prolonged recession.

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Over the last two decades, those at the bottom of the income scale have seen their incomes stagnate, while those at the top have seen theirs skyrocket; without intervention, the recession that began in December 2007 was likely to exacerbate this trend. Will the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) be able to keep the situation from getting worse for those at the bottom of the income scale? Will ARRA reverse the upward trend in inequality that we’ve seen in the recent past? The authors of this new working paper employ a microsimulation of ARRA to address these questions. They find that, despite a large amount of job creation, ARRA is likely to have little impact on overall income inequality, or on the income gaps between relatively advantaged and disadvantaged groups.

@Doc Merlin: How would recent changes in the law cause a stagnation commencing in 1973?

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Generativity: Case study Anne de Graaf

To discover whether Anne de Graaf exhibits signs of stagnation crisis (or the lack thereof), and to cross-check her personal experiences with the theory from our textbook
Personal interview with catered questions by 3 interviewers (Perez, Benoit, Biasuatti)
Cognitive Changes, Socius & Environment
affection for conflict studies/aid
Legacy fulfillment via writing
bequeathing of knowledge
Fluid intelligence vs Crystalised intelligence
inhospitable upbringing became unlikely muse
Professional & Family Life
continuity via children's success
continued progression of former students
healthy relationship with husband (Dutch)
successful writing career
long-lived friendships
Has Anne de Graaf stagnated or does she continue a genarative lifestyle?

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(iii) Haberler, Peterson, Dusenberry and Learner are of the view that the secular stagnation theory is based upon 'fall in population'. But it is incorrect to say that investment would take place just on the basis of increase in population. The changes in the tastes of the population can also become responsible for increase in investment. In mature economies the style and designs of automobiles, aircrafts and other consumer durables are changing day by day. All this is increasing investment. In such situation, the secular stagnation theory will be nothing more than an exaggerated story.

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"I think the Great Stagnation would be much easier to live with, and we would be much happier with it, if we had better fiscal policy and simply a better realization at the political level that politics can't do everything; the President can't always fix the economy; we are not going to grow at x% every year; that we really do need fiscal discipline and a sense of limits. And if we had that--and you and I know we don't; we are not close to it from either party--the Great Stagnation would be much less of a worry."

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Ben Bernanke inaugurated his blog with a set of thoughtful observations on the determinants of real interest rates and the secular stagnation hypothesis that I have invoked in an effort to understand recent macroeconomic developments. I agree with much of what Ben writes. His challenges to the secular stagnation hypothesis have helped me clarify my thinking and provide an opportunity to address a number of points where I think there has been some confusion in the public debate., April 1, 2015

In addition to these basic reasons the economists present the following theoretical reasons regarding secular stagnation.

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(iv) If we observe the circumstances of DCs we find that in these countries govts are spending reasonable amounts on transfer payments, old age benefits, subsidies, and social security measures. Again, the easy monetary policies are also being followed in these economies. All such is increasing aggregate demand. Rather creating secular stagnation they are creating inflation.