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Such statistics may be indicative of relationships that exist between the scientific community and the general public of each respective country, or other the nature and quality of press coverage of UFO-related stories.]

So what would be the motivation for such hypothetical aliens to want to visit or monitor us, and why their presumable covertness?

Origin of Life: The Heterotroph Hypothesis

Is Swords properly using the scientific method to evaluate each facet of the UFO-ET hypothesis?


[Hence, for example, Occam's Razor favors Einstein's general Theory of Relativity and modern Quantum Physics over Newtonian mechanics with regards to defining space, time and causality.

The cDNA hypothesis involves the use of messenger RNA ..

James Oberg, for example, a columnist for "Skeptical Inquirer" and formerly of NASA, has long followed the UFO phenomenon, and though he obviously considers himself a skeptic towards many of the popular notions of UFOs, he laments over the lack of attention given to the phenomenon by physical scientists--it is his opinion that there might be something of scientific worth lying behind some of the truly anomalous UFOs.

92) But why the apparent ultra-secrecy on the part of those UFOs which are, hypothetically, of extraterrestrial origin?

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That such questions are necessarily asked may attest to the weakness of the UFO-ET hypothesis, but the former question of motivation has, surprisingly, received quite a bit of attention among the likes of Sagan, et al.

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Sagan is, of course, taking note of the peculiar fascination we in the United States seem to have with the UFO-ET hypothesis, as opposed to other conventional explanations and, also, as opposed to other titillating popular hypotheses--e.g., interdimensional beings, religious beings, time travelers, etc.

throughout relatively discrete diverse stages, ..

I would like therefore to ask: is it possible that we hear so much of this hypothesis because the idea of extraterrestrial visitation somehow resonates with the spirit of the times in which we live?

Hence, no hypothesis is ever technically dismissed a priori for being

A current hypothesis on the origin of life: I


To what extent our reality, as perceived through the five senses along with, for example, our metaphysical necessity for the causal nexus, should be shared universally is generally an area of philosophical inquiry, and as a result, many working scientists contributing to SETI's legitimacy in various ways are oblivious to such fundamental concerns of anthropomorphism.

An interesting specific example of limited design is the

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A slow motion replay of the experiment is then shown, and what can be seen are a couple of small balls of light of definite shape, moving outward from the rock before dying out--a phenomenon that was not visible to the naked eye.) Persinger has apparently done a computer analysis of about 3,000 UFO sightings and has found that many of them occurred weeks or months before the start of earth tremors, and his theory has gained weight from some Japanese geologists who have provided him with rare photographs of a luminous display moments before an earthquake.

This has been used to infer an origin of life outside of Earth: the panspermia hypothesis

What 3 major steps does the heterotroph hypothesis require

As I mentioned at the beginning of this paper, the pragmatist view of science allows hypothesis-formation to be a creative process, one might even say an "irrational" process.