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Yoga practise has increased dramatically in the west since the early 1900's, when many Indian yoga masters began to travel to the USA, Germany and many other countries.

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Many chiropractors have recognized the benefit of working in conjunction withmassage therapists to loosen their patient's muscles as a precursor totreatment. This relationship works so well because the patient can betreated after becoming more relaxed and euphoric due to the natural release ofendorphins, as well as the loosening of the musculature due to all the benefitsof massage. Other benefits of massage depend on the type of massage beinggiven.

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The treatment for this condition is very similar to that for patients suffering from lower back pain or leg pain. Conservative treatments which include rest, pain medications available over the counter, Heat/Ice packs & Physical therapy are the most preferred. Alternative therapies like Yoga and Ayurveda are also extremely popular for providing lasting pain relief with no side effects. Ayurvedic massages and Therapies like Podikkizhi (Herbal powder massage), Ilakkaizhi (Herbal leaves massage), kativasthi (Pooling medicated oil in the back), Pizhichil (Pouring medicated oils as a stream), Nhavarakkizhi (Massage with rice boiled in medicated milk) and most importantly Kashaya Vasthi (enema with medicated decoctions) and Ksheeravasthi (Enema with medicated milk) are quite effective in relieving the symptoms and aiding pain relief. These therapies also help strengthen the back and prevent a recurrence.

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Spondylolisthesis of the back occurs when the spine whichinterconnects to one another slips forward on the vertebrae below. Whenthe vertebrae are totally separated at a connecting point called the pedicle,this is known as a lysis. If a lysis has occurred your doctor will need toevaluate how unstable the area to determine what next step should be initiatedto help the area stabilize. If total separation has not occurred, but youstill have pain, it is likely due to inflammation to the nerves exiting the spine. This inflammation can causethe same type of symptoms commonly seen with pinched nerve conditions. When a nerve is compressed, it may cause symptoms of numbness, tingling, burningand achy soreness along the nerve path. Extension of the spine willexacerbate Spondylolisthesis, as the vertebrae will be pushed more forward. As flexion of the spine will often alleviate the symptoms of Spondylolisthesis,part of a normal treatment regiment should include flexion exercises to take thepressure off the back of the vertebrae. The approach to treating Spondylolisthesiswill also include traction and vertebrae adjustive procedures, therapy to helpthe muscles loosen up and thereby lessen the pain, and minimizing anyinflammation if necessary. The listed Therapies, Products and Activitiessection will give more information on how to help your condition, however, aseach Spondylolisthesis condition is different, always consult your doctor todetermine what treatment is right for your particular situation.

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People in there thousands are taking up this ancient practice which is said to prevent and treat a range of diseases including Cervical spondylolysis, Arterial Hypertension, Headaches, Mental disorders while having the benefit of lowering blood pressure and reducing hip joint pain.

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Helps improve blood flow to the whole body especially the heart & lungs, helps to clear/prevent blocked arteries /future cardiac problems, total spine stretch, relieves stress from spine, great for mental health, helps prevent & heal varicose veins, builds strength in the lower body & exercises the pancreas, liver, spleen, the nervous system & circulatory system.