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After a year of chiropractor-myopia it was time to move on to theneurosurgeons. In 2005, I saw three different surgeons and pretty much got thesame answer from each. I'm SOL. Two said they would never operate on me andone of those even proceeded to essentially say "suck it up". Btw, to that doc,screw you! I was demoralized. The third doctor,at thein Southern California, said he'd operate but the success rate was low. If Irecall it was somewhere between 50-75%. The surgery involved a giant six inchincision down the middle of your back where they proceed to spread apart themuscles and all other stuff in order to fuse the vertebrae with some screws androds. Inserted in place of the disc was some cage like device which containeda special enzyme that promoted bone growth/fusion. I don't recall all thedetails but it was an obvious NO WAY so I proceeded to manage the pain and gimpthrough life.

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Decompression surgery and spinal fusion surgery for spondylolisthesis also can be ..
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Recovery From Spinal Stenosis Surgery.

Seems a bit crazy huh. Note that I never saw a claim mailed to me or filedwith Aetna from Dr. Deckey's practice. Somehow he got paid so the total costwas higher than what I listed. The most absurd thing is my insurance company(Aetna HMO) eventually paid out a grand total of $54,782.24. The healthcareindustry is wacked. But this brings up a good point... if you have access toan HMO and the doctor you want to perform your surgery is a member of your HMOthen change! That's what I did knowing this surgery was coming. I alsohad two wrist surgeries in that time frame. I think after all was said anddone I paid out around $200 in copays.

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The spine fusion may be done because to treat a problem such as spondylolisthesis (unstable spine), or it may be done because of the extent of other surgery (such as a laminectomy).

just going to point out again; remember people who have recovered from spondylolisthesis surgery dont hang out on chronic pain forums!
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In some cases the surgical treatment chosen for a given spinal condition will affect not only the time needed to get back on the playing field, but the degree to which you will ever be able to recover your old form. Take the stabilization procedure following spinal decompression surgery, for example. Spinal decompression is performed to relieve pressure on nerves within or emanating from the spine caused by conditions including , and other degenerative changes, or as a result of spinal cord trauma. has been the primary stabilization procedure. But the fused vertebrae lose their independent motion following stabilization, and often patients are restricted from physical activity for up to 6 months while waiting for the biological fusion process to complete. However, today the TOPS™ (Total Posterior Solution) System provides an alternative to spinal fusion. The TOPS System, a surgical implant, stabilizes the spine while preserving each vertebra’s independent motion – and good news is that there are no restrictions on your physical activity after surgery. That’s going to ensure better performance whenever it’s time to get back in the game.

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Recovery time from back surgery depends on the form of surgery. Broadly speaking, there are two forms of back surgery: procedures where vertebrae are fused together versus procedures that do not immobilize the spine. Recovery from fusion surgery can take longer than the recovery time from back surgeries that only involve a decompression or a surgery that preserves motion. Your physician can tell you more about the recovery time required for a particular procedure. But it’s important for patients to consider outcomes as well as recovery time. For example, spinal decompression surgery has traditionally been performed in conjunction with . As part of the recovery process, restrictions on motions and activities are placed on the patient to allow the previously independent vertebral bodies to biologically fuse together and become one long rigid segment devoid of motion. In contrast, with the TOPS™ (Total Posterior Solution) System, an alternative to spinal fusion following a spinal decompression procedure, there are no restrictions placed on the patient. You maintain full range of independent vertebral motion after surgery, and the speed of recovry from this back surgery is dictated by the patient. You can increase you activity level as quickly as you want.

Recovery time from back surgery depends on the form of surgery

It is also necessary to undergo physiotherapy post medial epicondylitis release surgery to ensure a rapid recovery and to help prevent problems associated with golfers elbow in the future.