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It has been found that only 10-15% of these patients go on to have spinal surgery and that most improve with nonoperative treatment. Typical nonoperative care includes rest, NSAIDS, ESIs, and a physical therapy program. Clinical significant improvements have been found with interventions that included lumbar flexion exercises and walking, but even more substantial improvement was found with the addition of manual therapy (joint mobilization and manual stretching) when performed to the lumbar spine and lower extremities. Exercise with an emphasis on spinal stabilization has been shown to provide pain relief and decreased re-occurrence of symptoms.

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Inversion was invented as early as 400 B.C. when Hippocrates (the father of medicine) first watched a patient hoisted upside down on a ladder for a dose of 'spinal traction'. Not only can Inversion Therapy help to treat back pain but it can be used to reverse the negative effects of aging on the spine.

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The Teeter Contour L5 Inversion Table allows your body weight to decompress the spine to relieve pressure off your discs and nerve roots. Inversion therapy leads to less pressure on your spine and less pressure means less muscle stiffness, shoulder tension and back pain. The patented ankle comfort closure with increased space between the clamps and foot platform, which results in decreased ankle pulling and a more comfortable, secure feeling.

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Posture may be improved and conditions such as and may be helped. By reducing muscle spasm, inversion may help to realign the spine (in conjunction with other exercises).

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The lymphatic system also circulates fluid around the body, mainly to remove waste products from the muscles and other tissues. Unlike the cardiovascular system the lymphatic system has no pump. It relies on muscles squeezing fluid through the lymph vessels around the system. Inversion may assist the passage of lymph fluid up the body and so aid recovery from training by fast removal of waste products.

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By oscillating up and down on an inversion table a pumping action is created for fluids around the spinal discs forcing waste out and drawing in fluid around the discs. Inversion helps to relax muscles which increases blood flow through the muscles which in turn maintains the muscles in better condition and less likely to cause painful spasms.`

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There are different techniques used in lumbar traction, both mechanical and manual. is a form of traction that uses a person's own body weight and gravity to stretch the spine. Inversion therapy can be performed at home but should not be done without approval from a physician.

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Although this activity is safe we recommend seeking professional medical advice for example from your doctor before using inversion therapy equipment. The following are contraindications for inversion therapy (should not be done): pregnancy, , glaucoma, , , , , heart or circulatory disorders, spinal injury, cerebal sclerosis, swollen joints, , unhealed fractures, surgically implanted supports, use of anticoagulants, ear infection and obesity.

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One area of concern for today’s patients, health-care providers and payers is the avoidance of surgery.