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Who Should Apply The distance-learning course is open to anyone who wishes to begin to apply the principles of psychosynthesis in their personal or professional lives. Psychosynthesis has been used by psychotherapists, family therapists, pastoral counselors, body workers, spiritual directors, business people, lawyers, physicians, nurses, artists, writers, social workers, educators, hypnotherapists, parents, and many lay people seeking to foster their own personal growth.

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Psychosynthesis in Western Psychology

As an inclusive approach to human growth, Psychosynthesis dates from 1911 and the early work of , an Italian Psychiatrist. Though one of the pioneers of psychoanalysis in Italy, Assagioli maintained that Freud had not given sufficient weight to the “higher” aspects of the human personality, and recognized a need for a more inclusive concept of humanity. From this beginning Assagioli and an increasing number of psychotherapists, educators, physicians, social workers, clergy, and others have worked to develop and refine this inclusive view of human growth. The task is considered to be an open one, one that will never by finished. Each year, new discoveries in psychology, new developments in education, religion, anthropology, physics and other disciplines add to the principles and to the techniques of Psychosynthesis. Psychosynthesis, by its very nature, is always open to new approaches to human development.

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Any comprehensive psychological and educational approach to the development of the whole person must draw from many traditions. While Eastern disciplines often have tended to emphasize the spiritual side of being, Western approaches usually have focused on the personality level. But humanity must be viewed as a whole and each aspect accorded its due importance. Psychosynthesis recognizes that we have a transpersonal essence, and at the same time holds that the individual’s purpose in life is to manifest this essence, or Self, as fully as possible in the world of everyday personal and social existence.

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- Psychosynthesis Practice- Dynamic Psychology and Psychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli
- Psychosynthesis in Education by Roberto Assagioli- A Psychological Method for Learning Languages by Roberto Assagioli- Smiling Wisdom by Roberto Assagioli- Self Realization and Psychological Disturbances by Roberto Assagioli- Symbolic Visualization-A Method of Psychosynthesis by Robert Gerard- Psychosynthesis: A Psychotherapy for the Whole Man by Robert Gerard - Synthesis in Psychotherapy by Roberto Assagioli- Psychosynthesis: Individual and Social by Roberto Assagioli- The Training of the Will by Roberto Assagioli- The Directed Daydream by Robert Desoille- Jung and Psychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli- Psychosynthesis: A Psychotherapist’s Personal, Overview by Frank Haronian- Psychosomatic Medicine and Bio-Psychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli- The Essentials of Psychosynthesis by Graham Taylor- The Who Am I? Technique in Psychotherapy by Graham Taylor- The Technique of Evocative Words by Roberto Assagioli- Toward a Psychosynthetic Approach to the Group by Martha Crampton- The Balancing and Synthesis of Opposites by Roberto Assagioli-The Repression of the Sublime by Frank Haronian- The Conflict Between the Generations by by Roberto Assagioli- Biopsychosynthesis by John Parks- Life as a Game and Stage Performance & Cheerfulness by Roberto Assagioli- The Resolution of Conflicts & Spiritual Conflicts and Crises- The Will in Psychotherapy by Alberto Alberti- Transpersonal Inspiration & Psychological Mountain Climbing by Roberto Assagioli- Symbols of Transpersonal Experience by Roberto Assagioli- The Use of Mental Imagery in Psychosynthesis by Martha Crampton- Height Psychology: an Interview with Roberto Assagioli by Beverly Besmer- The Golden Mean of Roberto Assagioli an Interview with Sam Keen- Psychosynthesis: Some Key Aspects of Theory and Practice by Martha Crampton- Notes on Education by Roberto Assagioli - Guided Affective Imagery by Hanscarl Leuner- Meditation- The Feminine Approach in Healing by Anne Langford- Dimensions of Growth - Answers from the Unconscious
- Identity and Personal Freedom by Betsie Carter-Haar- Dialog with the Higher Self by Stuart Miller- Subpersonalities by James Vargiu
- by John Firman
- by John Firman

by Tan Nguyen

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This sense of wholeness – this broad framework and set of techniques whichcan be communicated through training programs to therapists – is actuallyonly one facet of psychosynthesis. There are clear indications of greaterwholes to come. Training programs for educators have been evolving formany years, and some groups have explored applications of psychosynthesisin areas other than professional training. Programs for personal andspiritual growth have now been developed, applications of psychosynthesisto interpersonal relationships and to social groups are being explored,and there are signs of movement toward a comprehensive theory ofpsychosynthesis and toward research.

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William James was the other early contemporary of Assagioli whose work hascontributed significantly to the development of psychosynthesis. James wasparticularly interested in altered states of consciousness. By contrastwith the psychoanalysts of his day, whose focus was creating thewell-adjusted individual who was effective in the social"reality," James was exploring many alternative realities.