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Consequently, it has been found that the CC model fits the observational data best. In addition to the CC model, five other models also provide a good fit to the current data, while the remaining three models, a Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati model and two holographic models, clearly do not fit the observational data well. (For simplicity, we call them the five good models and the three bad models.) It is interesting to note that four of the five good models are closely related to the CC model, which may be the reason they fit the data so well, while none of the bad models can be reduced to the CC model.

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To determine the mass of a black hole, we need to observe stars that are orbiting in response to the black hole's gravitational pull (in principle we could also measure orbiting gas, but most BCGs don't have any gas).

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There are two concepts that I have difficulty reconciling. The first is the First Law of Thermodynamics which among other concepts states that matter / energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Thus, that leads to a conclusion that matter / energy has always existed. The second is the quantum mantra – anything that can happen will happen given enough time. Well, if matter / energy have always existed, that’s more than enough time for anything and everything that’s possible to happen, happens. I mean an awful lot of weird stuff can happen given an infinite amount of time. The concept of a Boltzmann Brain is just one such idea.* Let your imagination run wild and you can easily come up with way over six just about impossible and utterly absurd things that must have happened. However, software overrides that First Law of Thermodynamics in that any software program is finite and the possible scenarios are fixed so not everything that can happen (like a Boltzmann Brain) does happen.

Galaxies beyond the Milky Way are too distant for us to see individual stars -- instead, we see the light from millions of stars blurred together.

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My collaborators and I recently measured the two most massive black holes in the local Universe (at least, among those that have been discovered so far)!

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There is no Theory of Everything (TOE). You’d expect that if there was just one Mother Nature that all of physics would be unified. There would be one physics. Alas, there are two sets of physics – Quantum Mechanics and Relativity (gravity). Despite thousands of the finest minds, working now for many decades, these two branches of physics have resisted unification. One obvious answer is that there are two separate and apart sets of software, two sets of programs, one each that controls Quantum Mechanics and one that controls Relativity (Gravity).

The Simulated Universe Theory pulls at the very fabric of our sanity, our human identity, and our basic reasoning for life in general.

on powerful computers they build in their simulated universe.

Over the past decade or so, several kinds of observation, such as measurements of the distances of remote supernovae, have provided strong evidence that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. Cosmologists believe that this expansion is being driven by what is known as dark energy – a substance with negative pressure that opposes the pull of gravity. Unfortunately, however, they have little idea of what dark energy actually is, having been unable to measure its properties well enough to distinguish between rival hypotheses.()

To gain clues about how BCGs grew into the monsters we observe today, it is important to carefully examine all of their components.

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Superclusters have their origins in pools of dark matter that formed early in the universe’s history, said Brent Tully of the Institute for Astronomy at the University of Hawaii. Normal matter flows towards the wells of dark matter, giving the universe its web-like structure.

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Hanson doesn't think that ems must necessarily live unhappy lives. On the contrary, they may thrive, fall in love, and find fulfillment in their competitive, flexible, high-speed world. Non-simulated people, meanwhile, may retire on the proceeds from their investments in the accelerated and increasingly autonomous em economy—a pleasant vantage point from which to observe the twilight of non-emulated civilization. Many people have imagined that technology will ; if Hanson is right, that freedom could come through the virtualization of the human race.