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Shot noise measurements revealed a larger backscatteredcharge near the unitary limit, indicating two-electron backscatteringprocesses in addition to the expected one electron backscattering.

Improved shot noise limit of the YbF EDM ..

Wideband detection of the third moment of shot noise by a hysteretic Josephson junction.

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The non-Gaussian component of shot noise is related to the observed asymmetry of the switching rates of the Josephson junction when reversing the polarity of the noise current.

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We choose to measure the radio frequency component of shot noise, combining with a modulated lock-in detection technique, which provides a method to largely get rid of other unwanted low-frequency noise signals.

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While shot noise measurements revealed the need to go beyond theconstant interaction model and provided evidence for two-electroncorrelations in the Kondo regime, phase and dephasing measurementsdemonstrated basic quantum mechanical effects.

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We also found shot noise to be surprisingly insensitive to temperatures between4.2K and 100K, and can be well described by the non-interacting approximation.

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Au is relatively well understood and will not generate too many complications, so it's ideal as the first platform for us to understand both shot noise itself and our RF technique.

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Starting with a review of the Erbium doped fiber amplifier, this thesis will describe the construction, intensity noise, linewidth, stabilization techniques, and spectroscopic applications of the Erbium doped fiber ring laser developed as a part of the thesis research activity. This laser, which uses the Erbium doped fiber amplifier as its gain module within fiber based ring resonator, exhibits excellent sidemode suppression (>70dB) and intensity noise properties (shot noise limited beyond GHz regime) with ultranarrow linewidth (

To measure and improve these performance, several new techniques were developed. A new interferometer based on a loss-compensated recirculating delayed self heterodyne technique, for the measurement of ultranarrow linewidth. A novel intracavity filtering technique to make the laser operate at the shot noise floor of intensity noise. Extension of Pound-Drever locking technique into the laser cavity, to enable the laser be stabilized and locked to an external reference at the same time.

The laser was also applied as a spectroscopic tool to study the four wave mixing process in semiconductor optical amplifiers. Because of the ultranarrow linewidth and intensity noise characteristics of fiber laser, it was possible to resolve THz intraband dynamics in a quantum well amplifier.

This thesis will also cover mode locked operation of the fiber laser and related issues briefly in the appendix.

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The techniquedepends on having a uniform field of illumination, with asufficiently high count , so that shot noise in theflat field does not contribute significantly to the overall noisein the signal.