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Agriculture ()AGRHYMET Agronmeteorology and Operational Hydrology and Their ApplicationsAGU American Geophysical UnionAGWAT Agriculture and Water Project ()AGWP Absolute Global Warming PotentialAH Air HeaterAIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and AstronauticsAIBS American Institute of Biological SciencesAIChE American Institute of Chemical EngineersAICRIP All India Coordinated Programme for Rice Improvement Agency for International Development ()AIDJEX Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint ExperimentAIHA American Industrial Hygiene AssociationAIJ Activities Implemented JointlyAIM approximate inertial manifoldAIM Asian-Pacific Integrated ModelAIME American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical EngineersAIP Algorithm Intercomparison ProgrammeAIP-1 Algorithm Intercomparison Project-1AIP-2 Algorithm Intercomparison Project-2AIP-3 Algorithm Intercomparison Project-3AIREP Aircraft Weather ReportAIRS atmospheric infrared sounderAIRS-AMSU Atmospheric Infrared-Advanced Microwave Sounding UnitAIRS/MHS Advanced Infrared Radiometer Sounder (Atmospheric Infrared Sounder)/Microwave Humidity SounderAIS airborne imaging spectrometerAIT Asian Institute of TechnologyAITP Arctic Ice Thickness Project ()AJAX 1983 Oceanographic cruise along 0° Meridian into Weddell Sea (, )AL Aeronomy Laboratory (Boulder, Colorado) ()Al aluminumAl2O3 alumina (aluminum oxide)ALA American Library AssociationALACE Autonomous Lagrangian Circulation ExplorerALADIN Atmospheric Laser Doppler InstrumentALARA as low as reasonably achievableALBIOS Aluminum Biogeochemistry in Soils () Atmospheric Lifetime ExperimentALE/GAGE /Global Atmospheric Gases ExperimentALEXIS Array of Low-Energy X-Ray Imaging SensorsAlf Grimco A-700 processor used for data analysisALFA Local Forecast and Assimilation (Model)ALIAS Aircraft Laser Infrared Absorption SpectrometerALK alkalinityALOHA A Long-term Oligotrophic Habitat AssessmentALPEX Alpine ExperimentALS Adirondack Lake Survey () Adirondack Lake Survey CorporationALSS Aluminum in Streams Study ()ALT altimeterALT Alert, Northwest Territories, CanadaALTA Active Long Term ArchiveAMA African Mountains AssociationAMAD activity median aerodynamic diameterAMAP Arctic Monitoring and Assessment ProgrammeAMBIACE Amazon Biogeochemistry and Atmospheric Chemistry ExperimentAMD Developing AmericaAmeDAS Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition SystemAMEX Atlantic Meteorology ExperimentAM/FM Automated Mapping/Facilities Management (Society)AMI active microwave instrumentationAMIE Automated Methane Instrument EvaluationAMIGO America's Inter-hemispheric Geobiosphere OrganizationAMIP Atmospheric Model Intercomparison ProjectAMMS Advanced Multichannel Microwave SensorAMQUA American Quaternary AssociationAMRIR advanced medium resolution imaging radiometerAMS accelerator mass spectrometryAMS American Mathematical SocietyAMS American Meteorological SocietyAMS Applied Mathematical Sciences ()AMSR advanced microwave scanning radiometerAMSU advanced microwave sounding unitAMSU-A advanced microwave sounding unit-AAMTS advanced moisture and temperature sounderAMU atomic mass unitANARE Australian National Antarctic Research EstablishmentANBS Asian Network of Biological SciencesANC acid-neutralizing capacity Argonne National LaboratoryANFC Annual Natural Forest ClearedANL/ACRF 's Advanced Computing Research FacilityAnn annualANNEX I Countries committed to a quantified CO2 target (, , Central and Eastern European countries)ANNEX II countries and ANSI American National Standards InstituteANSTO Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization (Menai, New South Wales)ANT Antarctica ()ANTARES Antarctic research (France) ()ANTARFIX Antarctic fixed station (France) ( and )ANU Australian National University (Canberra, Australia)AO announcement of opportunityAO atmosphere-oceanAOD aerosol optical depthAODC acridine orange direct countAOGCM Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation ModelAOIPS Atmospheric and Oceanographic Information Processing SystemAOL Airborne Oceanographic LidarAOML Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (Miami, Florida) ()AOSB Arctic Ocean Sciences BoardAOSIS Association of Small Island StatesAOVP Arctic Ocean Variability Project (ACSYS)AP Annual ProductionAPA Adirondack Park AgencyAPA alkaline phosphatase activityAPAFO Advanced Particles and Fields ObserverAPAR absorbed photosynthetically active radiationAPARE East Asian-North Pacific Regional Experiment ()APC Apparent consumptionAPCA Air Pollution Control Association (Pittsburgh)APDA Arctic Precipitation Data Archive ()APEC Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation OrganizationAPHA American Public Health AssociationAPI American Petroleum InstituteAPMP Acid Precipitation Mitigation Program ()APN Asia-Pacific Network (for Global Change Research) ()APSRS Aerial Photo Summary Records SystemAPT automatic picture transmissionAQA American Quaternary AssociationAr ArgonARA atmospheric radiation analysisARAC Atmospheric Release Advisory Capability (program)ARC Ames Research CenterARC Antarctic Research Center softwareARCS Atmospheric Radiation and Cloud StationARCSS Arctic System Science (program)ARDB Arctic Runoff Database ()ARGOS Argos Data Collection and Position Location System ( and ) Aeronautical Radio, Inc.

SDSC/Calit2 Synthesis Center CSIG ‘06

SDSC/Calit2 Synthesis Center : Peter W

be located in the SDSC Synthesis Center, ..

We are looking for a researcher that is expected to strongly contribute to an ambitious project through the development of a doctoral project in the design, synthesis and properties characterization of new block copolymers. At this, each block should consist of random copolymers and possess different properties, such as variation of the glass transition temperature (Tg) in the given range. Various synthetic routes including reversible addition−fragmentation chain-transfer (RAFT) (co)polymerization and anionic (co)polymerization will be utilized to fulfill the task. The resultant block copolymers will be mixed with other components and tested in the tire production. NMR and IR spectroscopy, viscometry, GPC, DSC, TGA, AFM, SEM and TEM techniques will be applied to characterize structural, thermal and morphological properties of the synthesized polymer materials. The selected PhD student will be enrolled in the Material Science Doctoral School of the University of Luxembourg and will develop the research project both at LIST and Goodyear.

6:00 PM- 8:00 PMLocation: SDSC, B-E143 Synthesis Center ..

ARISTOTELES Applications and Research Involving Space Technologies Observing the Earth's Field from a Low Earth Orbiting SatelliteARL Air Resources Laboratory, Silver Spring, Maryland ()ARL Australian Radiation Laboratory (Melbourne, Victoria) Atmospheric Radiation Measurement ( program)ARMA Autoregressive moving-averageARMSAT Atmospheric Radiation Measurement SatelliteARPA Advanced Research Project AgencyARRCC Analysis of Rapid and Recent Climate Change (project)ARS Agricultural Research Service ()ARSMC Regional Specialized Meteorological CentreART Arctica ()ARTEMIS Advanced Relay and Technology Mission Satellite ()ARTEP Ariane Technology Experiment Platform (European)ARW Advanced Research WorkshopAS Anti-Spoofing on TransmissionsAS Area of SavannaASA American Statistical AssociationASA Antarctic Support AssociationASA Atmosphere Spectroscopy ApplicationsASB Area of Savanna Burned annuallyASAP Automated Shipboard Aerological ProgrammeASAR Advanced Synthetic Aperture RadarASAS Advanced Solid State Array SensorASASP Active Scattering Aerosol Spectrometer ProbeASB Association of Southeastern BiologistsASCAT advanced scatterometerASCATT advanced scatterometerASCE American Society of Civil EngineersASCEND Agenda of Science for Environment and Development into the 21st CenturyASChE American Society of Chemical EngineersASCII American Standard Code for Information InterchangeASCOT Atmospheric Studies in Complex Terrain (program)ASCS Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation ServiceASDAR Aircraft-to-Satellite Data RelayASE Air Sea ExperimentASEAMS Association of Southeast Asian Marine Scientists Association of Southeast Asian NationsASF Alaska FacilityASF Atmospheric Stablization FrameworkASHOE Airborne Southern Hemisphere Ozone ExperimentASI Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (Italian Space Agency)ASK Assisted Search for KnowledgeASL above sea levelASL atmospheric surface layerASLO American Society of Limnology and OceanographyASM Applied Simulation and Modelling ()ASME American Society of Mechanical EngineersASOEN Senior Officials on the EnvironmentASOS Automated Surface Observing SystemASPP American Society of Plant PhysiologistsASPRS American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote SensingASR aerosol solar radiationASSAS Advanced Solid State Array SensorASTER Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection (radiometer) Atmosphere-Surface Turbulent Exchange Research (formerly )ASTEX Atlantic Stratocumulus Transition ExperimentASTM American Society for Testing and Materials (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)ASU Air Separation UnitATES Alcatel Espace Systems Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division (formerly ) () Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Laboratory (now )ATF atmospheric transmission factorAtlantis Research vessel ()ATLAS Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications and ScienceATLAS Airborne Turnable Laser Absorption SpectrometerATLID atmospheric lidar atmosphereATM Atmospheric Transport ModelATMOS Atmospheric Trace Molecules Observed by SpectroscopyATOVS Advanced ATP adenosine triphosphateATPEX Tropical Pacific ExperimentATS Advanced Technology SatelliteATS Antarctic Treaty SystemATS applications technology satelliteATS Advanced Turbine SystemsATSR along-track scanning radiometerAURIO Auroral Imaging ObservatoryAV acoustic velocity (geophysical logging)AVCS Advanced Vidicon Camera SystemAVD acoustic variable density (geophysical logging) advanced very high resolution radiometer ()AVHRR GAC Global Area CoverageAVHRR LAC Local Area CoverageAVIRIS airborne visible and infrared imaging spectrometerAVISCO French group for Analysis, Validation, and Investigation of Satellite OceanographyAVNIR advanced visible and near-infrared radiometeravtur aviation gas turbine fuelAWDB Adirondack Watershed Data BaseAWIPS-90 Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System for the 90sAWRA American Water Resources AssociationAWIS Association for Women in ScienceAWWA American Water Works Association (Denver)AXCTD autonomous expendable profiler

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