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Although further empirical studies on Whorfian hypotheses have been completed since Lucy published his 1996 review article, it is hard tofind any that have satisfied the criteria of:

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A testable Whorfian hypothesis will have a schematic form something like this:

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So testing Whorfian hypotheses requires testing two independent hypotheses with the appropriate kinds of data. In consequence, evaluating them requires the expertise of both linguistics and psychology, and is a multidisciplinary enterprise. Clearly, the linguistic hypothesis may hold up where the psychological hypothesis does not, or conversely.

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The non-linguistic part of a Whorfian hypothesis will contrast the psychological effects that habitually using the two languages has on their speakers. For example, one might conjecture that the habitual use of Spanish induces its speakers to be sensitive to the formal andinformal character of the speaker's relationship with their interlocutor while habitually using English does not.

John Lucy, a conscientious and conservative researcher of Whorfian hypotheses, has remarked:

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According to Hawkes:"Just as Whorf and Sapir argue that the so-called objective world does not exist 'out there', but is manufactured by us within and through our total pattern of behaviour, so Barthes insists that literature has no single 'natural' or 'objective' standing beyond our own culture." (Hawkes, 1977, p.112)(More about codes?

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A number of considerations are relevant to formulating, testing, and evaluating Whorfian hypotheses.

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Emergentists aim to explain the capacity for language in terms of non-linguistic human capacities: thinking, communicating, and interacting. Edward Sapir expressed a characteristic Emergentist theme when he wrote:

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Whorf himself did not offer a hypothesis. He presented his “newprinciple of linguistic relativity” (Whorf 1956: 214) as a factdiscovered by linguistic analysis:

often called the "Sapir-Whorf hypothesis." I have seen criticism of Whorf ..

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(Is this true?) (Correction of Whorf's views)Whereas Levi-Strauss modifies aspects of the SWH, Todorov takes an opposite view - namely that there is a common experience of reality that informs languages.