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So, in other words, plantscan capture light from the sun and turn it intosugar, which is used for energy. And energy iswhat the plant needs to grow and reproduce. Nophotosynthesis, no plants. That takes care of partone.

the roles of photosynthesis and respiration in ecosystems.

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We study the impact of the ocean circulation on the marine ecosystem at all scales, from the size of whole oceans to less than a kilometre. In particular we study the influence of physical processes on ‘primary productivity’, the uptake of carbon dioxide, through photosynthesis, by the multitude of tiny marine plants called phytoplankton, which form the base of the marine ecosystem.

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Microscopic phytoplankton control many of the chemical processes that occur in the ocean. These wonderfully diverse plant-like organisms provide food for the entire marine food chain, produce much of the oxygen that we breathe and help to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. Without the oceans, the high concentrations of carbon dioxide that have accumulated in the atmosphere from human activities such as, fossil fuel burning and the removal of the rain forests, would be much higher. By removing CO2, the phytoplankton counteract these emissions, which are causing global warming, but in turn they also produce other gases that may contribute to it. Hence, our research focuses on the role of the ocean in climate change and how this role may change in the future.

For instance, when the squirrel eats the conifer seed in the food web above, the transfer of energy is not efficient.
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Matter is stored in “compartments” such as carbon stored in rock, plants, the ocean, and the atmosphere, while the movement of matter between compartments is called “flux.” Carbon fluxes because of respiration, photosynthesis, decomposition, and burning.

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Ina lake ecosystem, the sun hits the water and helps the algae grow. Algae produces oxygen for animals like fish, and provides food for microscopicanimals. Small fish eat the microscopic animals, absorb oxygen with theirgills and expel carbon dioxide, which plants then use to grow. If the algaedisappeared, everything else would be impacted. Microscopic animals wouldn'thave enough food, fish wouldn't have enough oxygen and plants would losesome of the carbon dioxide they need to grow.

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Fungi play a crucial role in the balance of ecosystems

We make measurements from a wide range of observing platforms including research vessels, time series stations and ships of opportunity and also carry out experiments in the laboratory and on ships. We use our data to better understand ocean processes and also to develop computer models that simulate the phenomena we observe and this helps us to further understand the processes on a global scale. To do our work we need to develop instruments and sensors, not only to make the measurements but also to collect the samples from the ocean so that they can be processed back in the laboratory. Some of this work is very complex, particularly when developing new chemical methods to analyse our samples and when ensuring that the sensors are working correctly in the harsh marine environment and giving us the information we need. We undertake our science from the shallow coastal seas to the open ocean and from ocean depths to the surface also determining the rate at which chemicals enter and leave the ocean at the surface, the so called air-sea interface. With all this information we can extend our knowledge of the ocean’s role in global system and predict the effects of climate change.