Welcome to a groundbreaking new era in guitar synthesis!

Other features of the Roland GR-55 guitar synth include 270 guitar patch memory presets plus 297 user patches, 90 bass patch memory presets plus 297 user patches, 240 x 64 LCD display, 1/4" guitar output jack, 2 x 1/4" main outputs, 1/4" stereo headphone output, MIDI in and out connectors, and 2 x USB port forcomputer connectivity and USB memory connector.

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The GR-55 represents Roland's latest breakthrough advances in guitar synthesis.

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The COSM modelled guitars can be treated with COSM amp simulation and modulation effects, as can your own guitar sound, making it perfectly possible to use the GR-55 as a 'normal' processor without any modelled or synth voices in the mix.

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The Roland GR-55 guitar synth also includes Roland's COSM tone modelling with 23 types in guitar mode and 17 types in bass mode, 20 Multi-Effects, 42 amps and preamps, 14 Modulations, 7 Delays, 5 Reverbs, one EQ, and 4 Chorus.

The GR-55 detects pitch, velocity, and behavior for unprecedented response to your performance.

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Two USB ports add versatility to the GR-55. One port is designed for computer connection, allowing the GR-55 to function as an audio/MIDI interface. With a DAW running on your computer you can record GR-55 sounds and also record MIDI data or play virtual synths and samplers from the guitar.

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If you select your own pickups, that signal (with or without COSM sound) is sent to a separate 'Guitar Out' output on the GR-55 so that you can use a different amp rather than the one handling the synth sounds.

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It's been some time since Roland released a new model in its GR guitar synth series - the now-discontinued GR-20, along with its associated GK-3, was released back in 2004.

The GR-55 puts you instantly in touch with a huge library of amazing sounds, no editing required.

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Onstage or in the studio, you can instantly access the GR-55’s huge library of ready-to-use sounds, from pop to rock and beyond, with quick-access category buttons.

And for those who want to go deep, the GR-55 offers huge array of controllable parameters.

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The second port is for connecting a USB memory device facilitating real-time playback of WAV audio files stored on USB flash memory - audio playback being controlled hands-free from the GR-55's footswitches.

Roland's GR-55 guitar synth and effects processor gives you more tones and features, making laggy and inaccurate tracking a thing of the past.

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As with previous GR and VG series products, the GR-55 connects via the industry- standard 13-pin cable to Roland's GK-3 divided pickup hardware, which can be fixed temporarily or permanently on the guitar of your choice and can also take the signal from your guitar's jack output.