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The refusal of authority, the refusal of all constraints, must include the refusal of the anarchist subculture, for it is a form of authority. With this support gone, we are left with nothing — but ourselves. As transient, ever-changing, passionate individuals, we each become the only basis for creating our lives and opposing society as it strives to force our lives into its mold. Rebellion ceases to be a role and instead becomes our moment-by-moment refusal to let our lives be stolen from us. Anarchy ceases to be an ideal and becomes the havoc we wreck on authority, which undermines it and opens possibilities, new realms of exploration for us. To realize this, we have to cease to think as victims and begin to think as creators. The negative paranoia that permeates the way we relate to the world needs to be rejected so that we can accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of society as we confront it in our daily lives and can intelligently undermine it. A positive paranoia — a recognition that society and the hell it puts us through are aberrations and that the world is full of wonder and beauty, that within it all of our deepest desires and more can be easily realized — needs to be cultivated. Then we will dare to face the unknown, to relate to each other freely and passionately, avoiding mere toleration and accepting honest conflict. We will dare to oppose society from the strength of our own desires, dreams and lust for life. We’ll refuse easy answers, systems and security for the prisons they are, preferring the freedom found in ecstatically exploring the unknown, the adventure of discovering the world of wonder that authority tries to deny us. What has been denied us, we must take, and we must take it not by conforming to a subculture, but by plunging head first into the unknown, by taking the risk of leaving behind all that has suppressed us no matter how comfortable and rebelling totally against society.

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This hypothesis explains the evolutionary origin of depressionin the ancestral context in which depression was an adaptation thatenabled an individual to maintain social ties critical for survivaland reproduction. During the Pleistocene period, for instance, suchsocial ties were vital in food foraging and protection frompredators.

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, and have all been linked to increased risk, and about half of schizophrenics abuse drugs or . However, of these only marijuana has been shown to have any causal link, and the others could be an attempt to self-medicate to cope with depression, , boredom and loneliness. However, even the link with marijuana appears largely dose dependent and it's exact effect remains controversial. In addition, mere abuse of cocaine, amphetamines and alcohol can lead to psychosis which mimics schizophrenia. It should be noted that schizophrenics are also more likely to use than the general population.

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Why do people so distrust their own instincts and desires that they have to create false consciousness to justify themselves? Why do they need to claim that they are doing what they are doing because they put “Earth First!”? Civilization, with its need to suppress whatever is wild, has taught us to distrust our instincts and desires. It needs to do this in order to channel our wild energies into the domesticated activities of work and commodity consumption— the activities that are destroying wildness everywhere. So the best thing we can do for wilderness is to let our own wildness break free by trusting and acting on our own instincts and desires. To be trapped in the ideology of a slogan is to chain our radical consciousness and to stifle our movement.

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According to the psychic pain hypothesis, depression isanalogous to physical pain in that it informs the sufferer thatcurrent circumstances, such as the loss of a friend, are imposing athreat to , it motivates thesufferer to cease activities that led to the costly situation, ifpossible, and it causes him or her to learn to avoid similarcircumstances in the future. Proponents of this view tend to focuson , and regardclinical depression as a dysfunctional extreme of low mood.

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Nature has not always existed. It is not found in the depths of the forest, in the heart of the cougar or in the songs of the pygmies; it is found in the philosophies and image constructions of civilized human beings. Seemingly contradictory strands are woven together creating nature as an ideological construct that serves to domesticate us, to suppress and channel our expressions of wildness.