That is the Riemann Hypothesis.

Aizenberg, (12/2007)[abstract:] "We present an elementary, short and simple proof of the validity of the Lindelöf hypothesis about the Riemann zeta-function.

Naturally, the Riemann Hypothesis was one of these problems.

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Itallows to generalize the Riemann hypothesis to the reals.

The Clay Mathematics Institute offers $1,000,000 for a proof of the Riemann Hypothesisan extremely thorough mathematical descriptionof the Riemann Hypothesis (with historical background, etc.) provided by Enrico Bombieri for the purposes of this competitionvideorecording of an introductory lecture by J.

Proof of the Riemann hypothesis is number 8 of and number 1 of .

Baez, This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics week 217includes very helpful discussion of the Riemann Hypothesis, Extended Riemann Hypothesis, Grand Riemann Hypothesis, Weil Conjectures, Langlands Programme, the functional equations of zeta and L-functions, modularity of theta functions, etc.

Galetto,  (2014)[abstract:] "We show a proof of the so-called Riemann Hypothesis.


While it was long believed that Riemann's hypothesis was the result of deep intuition on the part of , an examination of his papers by C. L. Siegel showed that Riemann had made detailed numerical calculations of small zeros of the to several decimal digits (Granville 2002; Borwein and Borwein 2003, p. 68).

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The proof is so simple that we suspect that there could be an error thatwe are unable to find."

, , 23 September 2013"Yessenbek Ushtenov, a mechanical engineer from Saryagash town, Kazakhstan, claims to to have solved one of the seven problems of the millennium, the Riemann hypothesis, Alau-Kazakhstan public-political magazine writes..."


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Stieltjes (1885) published a note claiming to have proved the with = 1, a result stronger than the Riemann hypothesis and from which it would have followed.

The Riemann hypothesis has thus far resisted all attempts to prove it.

"A Conjecture Which Implies the Riemann Hypothesis."

Delille, who in 2004 began makingand retracting claims that he had a proof of the Riemann hypothesis,provided this , whichinvolves the analytic continuation of (August 2004).

Pozdnyakov,  (03/2012)[abstract:] "An equivalent formulation of the Riemann hypothesis is given.

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Riemann's Zeros (Atlantic, 2002), p.160 "[The Riemann Hypothesis] is probably the most basic problem in mathematics, in the sense that it is the intertwining of addition and multiplication.

The important relationship between Riemann Hypothesis and random matrices was found by Freeman J.

Perry's introductory notes on the Riemann HypothesisP.

The traditional formulation of the Riemann hypothesis obscures somewhat the true importance of the conjecture. The zeta function has a deep connection to the distribution of and proved in that the Riemann hypothesis is equivalent to the following considerable strengthening of the :