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In this work we describe, for the first time, a rapid and efficient method for 17O selective labeling on the β-carboxyl group of an aspartic acid residue already incorporated into a peptide sequence anchored on a solid-phase support. The β-O-benzyl ester of the Asp residue of the Ac-RGD-benzydrylamine resin was successfully saponified using Na17OH in a methanol/dichloromethane mixture. The 17O selective enriched peptide was then released from the solid support by acidic cleavage. The 17O NMR spectrum confirmed the 17O labeling of the Asp β-carboxylate.

Advances in Solid-Phase Cycloadditions for Heterocyclic Synthesis.

T1 - An improved synthesis of a selective αvβ3-integrin antagonist cyclo(-RGDfK-)

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General protocol for solid phase peptide synthesis.

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aspartyl peptides during solid-phase synthesis

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Solid-phase synthesis of peptide-dendrimer con­jugates …

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In the attempt to improve solid-phase synthesis of the ..

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The biodistribution studies after infection of mice with RGD-displaying . Quantification of engineered in different organs from mice bearing high αvβ3 integrin-expressing tumors (n = 5 per group). (A) U87MG, (B) M21, (C) MDA-MB-231, and (D) MDA-MB-435.

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Furthermore, as we have mentioned before, RGD PET does not necessarily allow specific visualization of angiogenesis in all tumor types because tumoral expression of integrin αvβ3 was not excluded. Thus, the interpretation of RGD PET is complex, and the potential of imaging integrin αvβ3 expression as a genuine biomarker of angiogenesis relies on the tumor type analyzed.