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That’s a common misconception that sometimes arises from fear, sometimes from laziness. The truth is, though, that except for those rare moments of inspiration or genius when the perfect ideas expressed in the perfect words in the perfect order flow gracefully and effortlessly from the mind, all experienced writers revise their work. I wrote six drafts of this handout. Hemingway rewrote the last page of A Farewell to Arms thirty-nine times. If you’re still not convinced, re-read some of your old papers. How do they sound now? What would you revise if you had a chance?

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Often you will find that "it" or "they" refers tosomething vague that was not even discussed explicitly in your paper,in which case you should reword your text entirely.

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As in the introduction, it is essential to revisit your in the conclusion. Again, do not simply repeat it word for word. Keep the essential keywords, and rearrange it. (For strategies on rewording, the principles of can help.)

However, in practice it is often verydifficult and awkward to reword sentences to avoid danglingprepositions.
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So in a book where Eusebius is proving that the pagans got all their good ideas from the Jews, he lists as one of those good ideas Plato's argument that lying, indeed telling completely false tales, for the benefit of the state is good and even necessary. Eusebius then notes quite casually how the Hebrews did this, telling lies about their God, and he even compares such lies with medicine, a healthy and even necessary thing. Someone who can accept this as a "good idea" worth both taking credit for and following is not the sort of person to be trusted.

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One clue that your writing needs better transitions is if you findthat you can cut and paste paragraphs from one section to anotherwithout doing substantial rewriting of how the paragraph begins andends.

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