Topic: Reversible Logic Synthesis.

Reversible logic is emerging as an important research area in the recent years due to its ability to reduce the power dissipation, which is the main requirement in low power digital design. Energy dissipation is proportional to the number of bits lost during computation. The reversible circuits do not lose information and can generate unique outputs from specified inputs and vice versa. It has application in diverse fields such as low power CMOS design, optical information processing, cryptography, quantum computation and nanotechnology. This paper proposes a reversible design of an 8 -bit arithmetic processor. The architecture of the processor has been proposed, in which, each block is realized using reversible logic gates. The important blocks of the processor are control unit, arithmetic and logical unit and register file. Each module has been coded using Verilog then simulated using Modelsim and prototyped in Xilinx-Spartan 3E.

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 The pre-editedversion at the link has a section discussing open problems in reversiblecomputing.

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... used to synthesize any computing device. Besides the Fredkin gate, many reversible logic gates have been proposed, including the Toffoli gate, the Feynman gate, the Peres gate, and the Kerntopf gate =-=[19]-=-. For a function to be reversible, each of its outputs must have a unique input associated with it. To satisfy this one-to-one mapping between inputs and outputs, a (m, n) gate with m inputs and n out...

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Ablonczy investigatedthe use of quantum postprocessing for reversible logic circuits.

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“A beginning in the reversible logic synthesis of sequential logic synthesis of using reversible logic.
Reversible Logic Synthesis of Sequential Circuits Proposed JK Flip Flop using Reversible Gates the reversible logic synthesis of sequential circuits.
Introduction to Sequential Circuits that will be used later during sequential circuit analysis and synthesis.

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A flip-flop uses only one p-channel Adding complex-gates to a circuit while using asymmetric gates for set-reset, JK, toggle enable.
9.9.1 D Flip-Flop Implementation To Digital Systems: Modeling, Synthesis, and Simulation Using VHDL one of over 35,000 titles on Safari.
reversible logic synthesis of sequential logic differs from The Flip Flops that are synthesized using reversible logic.
Introduction Objective Manual D FLIP FLOP The working of D Many logic synthesis tool use only D flip flop or D latch.
A Beginning in the Reversible Logic Synthesis of Sequential using reversible logic are RS Flip Flop, JK logic synthesis of sequential circuits using.
In ABEL-HDL you can specify a variety of flip-flop types using Since the use of register synthesis to convert D-type flip-flop (for JK-type.
Verilog – Sequential Logic • Necessary flip-flops are inferred by the synthesis tool.

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Theproposed circuits will be simulated usingModelSim simulator and implemented in XilinxFPGA platform.

Key words: Adder/Subtractor, Parity preservingreversible gates, Parallel Adder/Subtractor,Reversible logic gates.

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