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The expanded interest in religious pluralism has led to extensivereflection on the compatibility and possible synthesis ofreligions. John Hick is the preeminent synthesizer of religioustraditions. In an important book, Hick (1974) advanced a complexpicture of the afterlife involving components from diversetraditions. Over many publications and many years, Hick has moved froma broadly based theistic view of God to what Hick calls “theReal,” a noumenal sacred reality. Hick claims that differentreligions provide us with a glimpse or partial access to the Real. Inan influential article, “The New Map of the Universe ofFaiths,” Hick raised the possibility that many of the greatworld religions are revelatory of the Real.

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If 'man, the known', constituted of his body and its environing world, is the subject of study of the natural sciences, 'man. the unknown' is the subject of study of the science of religion. The synthesis of both these sciences is the high function of philosophy as understood in India. It is this function which Vedanta has performed in this country (India), ever since the time of the Upanishads. Exercising a pervasive and effective influence on our national thought and culture, Vedanta has spared us not only the fruitless opposition of reason to faith and vice versa, but also the more dangerous manifestation of this opposition in the form of intolerance, persecution, and suppression of opinion.

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Each religion represents the attempt to penetrate into this infinite realm in its own way and in its own time. If we learn to unite all religions into one, we might one day be able to understand the concept of synthesis. It is a synthesis of the vertical and horizontal levels and sub-levels of the spirit and its physical objectivity in all areas of existence. Each Son of God therefore represents part of a puzzle that together with all other parts eventually forms the whole picture.

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