by John Moubray, published in 1997.

GEG7114 Basic Quantitative Skills for Reliability Engineering Introduction to reliability mathematics. Introduction to reliability data analysis. Computer applications. Planned maintenance and replacement analysis. Financial analysis of equipment logistics. Maintainability.


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Oil and gas plants are basic industrial facilities that produce a wide range of products used as fuels and chemicals. Maintenance activities within the oil and gas plants deeply affect its productivity. Thus, the maintenance program is essential and crucial for these types of industries. Nowadays, we live in a competitive environment, in which many companies are required to reduce their overall costs, while maintaining the value and reliability of their assets. Hence, the use of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) can help organizations develop a systematic maintenance program, meeting these requirements in a cost effective manner. RCM basically combines different techniques and tools in a systematic approach to manage risks as a basis for maintenance decisions. That is why many people regard RCM as ' Total Quality Management applied to physical assets '.

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In 1989, another Gippsland academic, Yousef Ibrahim, developed the Graduate Certificate in Reliability Engineering, which is taught entirely by practicing reliability engineers. It has a narrower appeal than the engineering maintenance management programs, and has been completed by relatively few. Some reliability engineering material with an asset management focus is included in the engineering maintenance management program, and duplication was avoided when the programs were integrated to form the Master of Maintenance and Reliability Engineering.

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Lazakis, I., (2011). Establishing an innovative and integrated reliability and criticality based maintenance strategy for the maritime industry: A PhD thesis. Glasgow, UK: University of Strathclyde, Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

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Jacek Kalowski is a consultant and instructor in the areas of Life Data Analysis, RAM Analysis, FMEA and Reliability Centered Maintenance. He serves as Senior Application Engineer with HBM Prenscia, headquartered in Warsaw. He provides training and consulting services for both OEM type companies and maintenance oriented organizations from process industries. He holds a M.S. in Transport Engineering (Air Traffic Engineering specialty) from the Warsaw University of Technology.

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The SAE JA1012 guideline presents a useful demonstration of the many levels of detail that can be used to describe failure modes. For example (from SAE JA1012 “A Guide to the Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) Standard,” issued in January 2002):

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Joe Michalek is a consultant and instructor in the areas of FMEA, manufacturing reliability engineering, Reliability Centered Maintenance, and manufacturing management disciplines. He has 20 years experience in the manufacturing quality disciplines and 13 years experience in reliability and manufacturing reliability engineering. He has done extensive work to streamline and improve the effectiveness of PFMEA and Machinery FMEA within General Motors. In addition, his work with the key characteristic designation system (KCDS) has resulted in a global common process for the development and implementation of key characteristics and process control plans for GM. His previous assignment with General Motors was Global Manufacturing Cost Center Manager who was responsible to define, develop, and manage a global activity to act as primary interface between Manufacturing Engineering and Finance. Mr. Michalek was a co-chair in the development of the (SAE) J1739 for Design/Process/Machinery FMEA and participated in the development of the SAE M-110.2 Reliability and Maintainability Guideline for Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment. Mr. Michalek holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from General Motors Institute (now Kettering University).

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Duarte, A.M.P. and Strong, M. Z. (2009). Implementation methodology of reliability-centered maintenance is integrated total productive maintenance: A case study. XXIV Brazilian Congress of Maintenance. Annals. Recife, Pernambuco.