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An essay or paper on Analysis on Recitatif s Racial Identity of the Characters.

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In the short stories "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant and "Recitatif" by Toni Morrison, the issues of class separation and struggle, though they may appear at first glance to be unimportant, are in fact the central points around which these two stories revolve.

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In "Recitatif" and "The Artificial Nigger" a mother and a grandfather, respectively, with too much responsibility seek to alter the lives of two children for the worst....

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In Morrison’s short story Recitatif, Morrison manipulates the story’s diction to describe the two women’s races interchangeably resulting in the confusion of the reader....

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“Recitatif,” Morrison’s sole published but very highly regarded short story, first appeared in an important collection called , edited by Amiri Baraka and Amina Baraka (New York: Morrow, 1983). This is now out of print. Scholarly discussion of the story is relatively rare but can be found in (cited under ), (cited under ), and (cited under ).

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Write an essay comparing how the adult lives and personalities of the two central characters in RECITATIF are shaped by their experience in the orphanage. Why and how is this experience so traumatic? In these terms, how are Twyla and Roberta both similar and different, and what role does Maggie play in their efforts to come to terms with their past?

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Racial identity in “Recitatif,” is most clear through the author’s use of traits that are linked to vague stereotypes, views on racial tension, intelligence, or ones physical appearance.