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Stewart, Domino Reactions for the Synthesis of Anthrapyran-2-ones and the Total Synthesis of the Natural Product (±)-BE-26554A,Org Lett, 2013, 4834–4837.

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Stewart, Domino Reactions for the Synthesis of Anthrapyran-2-ones and the Total Synthesis of the Natural Product (±)-BE-26554A,Org Lett, 2013, 4834–4837.

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Cascade reactions are step-economical processes for the synthesis of complex molecules as they allow, in one step, the formation of multiple bonds. Over the last two decades cyclocarbopalladation has emerged as a powerful key step when integrated into these sequences and has allowed unprecedented valuable polycyclic scaffolds to be obtained. This review is focused on recent developments in this field including original cascade sequences, novel activation modes (C–H activation for instance) and unprecedented families of substrates.1 Introduction2 Formation of Carbocycles2.1 4- Cyclocarbopalladation2.2 5- Cyclocarbopalladation2.3 5- Cyclocarbopalladation2.4 Cyclocarbopalladation with Formation of Six-Membered Carbocycles2.5 Cyclocarbopalladation with Formation of Seven-Membered Carbocycles3 Formation of Heterocycles3.1 Formation of Nitrogen Heterocycles3.2 Formation of Oxygen Heterocycles3.3 Formation of Sulfur Heterocycles3.4 Formation of Silicon-Containing Heterocycles4 Conclusion

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Basic modes of catalytic action, Classification and key concepts; Practical applications and Economic impact; Auto catalysis; Bio catalysis; Electro catalysis and Photo catalysis,
Materials Perspective
Desired characteristics, nature of the active site, metal support interaction, lattice oxygen and defect; Adsorption, adsorption mechanisms and models; Oxides, noble metals, and other materials as catalysts; Synthesis and Characterization of catalysts; Analytical techniques; Supports, Dopes, Alloys, Core-shell, Nanoparticles.
Screening of catalysts
Scientific and Engineering considerations
Kinetics of Catalytic Reactions
Strategies and designs for laboratory studies; Development of basic forms of rate equations.
Deactivation and poisoning
Mechanisms, models and design strategies

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Introduction to catalysis; Homogenous and heterogenous catalysis; Hydrogenation and hydroelementation of alkness; Transformations of alkenes and alkynes; Oxidation of olefins; C-H activation; Carbonylation and carboxylation reactions; Bio-organometallic chemistry; introduction to enzymatic catalysis; Organometallic complexes and reagents used in organic synthesis; Heterogeneous catalysis

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Ghisalberti, Domino or Single-Step Tsuji–Trost/Heck Reactions and their Application in the Synthesis of 3-Benzazepines and Azepino[4,5-b]indole Ring Systems, Eur.

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This is an advanced course once the students are familiar with basic synthetic chemistry principles. Reactions of heterocyclic compounds (which form the basic skeleton of natural products) includes imidazoles, oxazoles, thiazoles, pyridazines, pyrimidines and pyrazines, terpenes, alkaloids, antibiotics, carbohydrates, vitamins, nucleic acids and proteins. This course will also offer biosynthetic pathway of some important natural products.

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Organic Chemistry Experiments: Thin layer chromatography, Solvent distillation, Extraction methods, Ester Hydrolysis, Olefin Oxidation, Acetylation of Alcohol, Synthesis of Amide, Electrophilic and Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions, Diels Alder reaction. IR and NMR spectroscopy will be used to identify the unknown compounds. Inorganic Chemistry Experiments: Synthesis of transition metal complexes, Conductometry, Potentiometry, Gravimetric analysis, Complexometric titration, Qualitative inorganic analysis of mixtures, Colorimetry analysis, Spectrophotometry, Recycling of aluminium, Estimation of phosphoric acid.