Condensation reaction; Dehydration synthesis; Hydrolysis constant; ..

This food-grade, Kosher, non-synthetic, and organic-certifiable enzyme blend is used to hydrolyze fish, poultry, milk, gelatin, and other animal source proteins, producing high-quality functional protein hydrolysates.

Base among the Hydrolytic Products of Gelatin…

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Condensation reaction; Dehydration synthesis; Hydrolysis ..

Food grade, Kosher-certified, non-synthetic alkaline protease which can hydrolyze proteins from different sources to produce hydrolysates of well-defined peptide profiles. This product helps produce high quality protein hydrolysates with increased digestibility, solubility, water-binding and emulsifying characteristics. It also helps improve flavor and palatability of the protein hydrolysates.

Base among the Hydrolytic Products of Gelatin." .

salt or ester of
fatty acid that occurs in palm oil and most other fats and oils
can come from animal, plant or synthetic sources
enzyme derived from the unripe fruit of the papaya plant. It is used for clearing beverages, added to farina to reduce cooking time and used medically to prevent adhesions
the chemical product of the action of or on . To make hard cheese, paracasein is combined with soluble calcium salts to form calcium paracaseinate (cheese curd)
waxy substance obtained from distillates of wood, coal, petroleum, or shale oil
skin of the sheep or goat, dressed and prepared for writing etc
concretion of layers of pain-dulling nacre formed around a foreign particle within the shell of various bivalve molluscs, principally the oyster
a substance that is found in the primary cell walls and the non-woody parts of plants. Pectin is used as a gelling agent, thickener and stabilizer in food. Commercially, pectin is obtained mostly from dried citrus peels and apples as a by-product of juice production.
PEG is the abbreviation of polyethylene glycol or polyoxyethylene glycol. They are polymeric forms of ethylene oxide. They can be either synthetic or derived from animal or vegetable sources.
enzyme usually derived from the stomach of grown calves or sometimes pigs.
an oily, flammable liquid composed of a complex mixture of hydrocarbons occurring in many places in the upper strata of the earth. A fossil fuel believed to have originated from both plant and animal sources millions of years ago.
obtained from
an inorganic acid
organ by which the fetus is attached to the umbilical cord
a product of petroleum gas or dehydration of alcohol
produced from and esters
a condensate of with
a condensate of and
a water-soluble polymer from synthetic origin. Used in products like pharmaceutical tablets, shampoo, toothpaste, batteries, paint and adhesives.
a mixture of and ethylene oxide
a mixture of stearate and ethylene oxide produced by a reaction of ethylene oxide with
occurs naturally as the mineral sylvite and is found combined in many minerals and in brines and ocean water.
obtained commercially from the electrolysis of solution
the potassium salt of
sorbic acid potassium salt. Manufactured by neutralisation of with .
sex hormone
bee glue. Used by bees to stop up crevices and fix combs to the hive
flammable gas obtained by cracking .
1,2-propylene glycol; propane-1,2-diol. Manufactured by treating propylene with chlorinated water and treating it with solution or by heating with and distilling the mixture.
a flammable liquid, derived from

Formed when two monosaccharides join In a condensation/dehydration synthesis reaction
in dehydration, a chemical reaction occurs in which a water molecule is …

Generic mechanism for a hydrolysis reaction

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(hydrolysis) of proteins into their amino acid building blocks

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Gelatin Proteins involved in ..