Types of sub-audio rate modulation:

The number assigned to each Digiwave is a parameter that can be modulated. This feature allows the ES2 to produce sounds reminiscent of classic wavetable synthesizers from PPG and Waldorf. See .

Pulse width modulation of a sine wave

The bass module is a morph betweensample playback and a synthesizer.

want such as pulse width modulation, ..

In a synthesizer, this type of modulation takes place in the audible range. Depending on the design of the instrument, you can hear the signals of either the first oscillator alone (being modulated by the other oscillator), or both oscillators. The interaction between the two generators alters the waveform signal of the first oscillator and introduces a number of new harmonics. This harmonic spectrum can then be used as the source signal for further sound processing, such as filtering, envelope control, and so on. See for further information.

pulse width modulation – Synthtopia

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a simulation of a real-world sound created with synthesis techniques (and not by merely sampling it).

Pulse-Width Modulation; It gives a sound effect similar to cho ..

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See other plugins in the same category: IDSynth is a unique software synthesizer geared towards making trance music.
- 3 Main oscillators capable of syncing with each other
- 9 oscillators unison detune with sync and pitch envelope modulation
- Assignable LFOs 'moog' Low Pass filter, Band Pass, High Pass and Notch filter
- Long duration ADSR envelopes
- FM envelope carrier for creating wild sound fx
- key tracking range for filter
- Low CPU usage

LMS: Pulse Width Modulation using Arturia Modular V …

it has avery useful adsr that has a very snappy decay for percussion sounds,the clip slider is a secret weapon, and many options in the oscillatorsection to change the sounds especially fm.

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See other plugins in the same category: Emulates the sounds of those selfmadesiren units used by Dub and Reggae Sound Systems like Jah Shaka, AbaShanti and countless others

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See other plugins in the same category: ErsDrums is a VST 2.3 compatible drum machine.
All sounds are calculated in "real time", no samples are used.

As an example, here is a pulse width modulation of a sine wave, showing how the duty cycle is modified based on the input signal value:

Expanded Pulse Width Modulation - Virtual Sound

Striker is a physical modelling instrument created to reproduce the sounds of various types of tuned percussion such as marimbas, vibraphones and other instruments where a hammer or mallet strikes a block. Striker is available as a completely free download from .

Only Oscillators 2 and 3 allow you to define a “base” pulse width, prior to any pulse width modulation.

Introduction to Pulse Width Modulation | Embedded

Planetoid is a simple but also very powerful and flexible polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer capable of producing sounds and effects suitable for virtually any purpose. While it may seem like a very generic instrument Planetoid has a character and power all of its own and offers a great deal of performance control making it stand out from many other instruments.

Pulse-width modulation (PWM) and Pulse-depth modulation (PDM) Pulse-position modulation …

Direct Digital Synthesis Using Pulse Width Modulation

It features :
- Oscillator with variable waveform (Sine,Triangle, Saw, Pulse)
- SubOscillator with pulse and random white noise generator
- 2 Pole resonant Low Pass
- digital IIR filter
- LFO Sine Wave, Range 1-10 Hz
- Unison for Phat Sounds with additional Spread Control
- MIDI driven modulation, pitch bend, volume, velocity and filter cutoff
- 8 polyphonic channels
- 32 program banks per synth
- Quality, fast 3D graphical interface for precise control.

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See other plugins in the same category: Frequency modulation/phase distortion
- 2 banks for oscillator selection
- modulation & amplitude envelope control
- adjustments and lfo controls for modulation, pulse width, pitch, and pan
- low pass filter for bank one, and high pass filter for bank two

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Download the plug-in (928,76 Ko)
See other plugins in the same category: , This VST synth is designed to make hard andnasty lead and bass sounds that will cut thru any mix, but can do a lotmore besides.