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He was also aware of the usefulness of the Tree of Life, as we discussed in an earlier chapter, and utilized his 'hidden' knowledge of the deeper model behind the simplified egg diagram to help understand the different levels of dreams.

Psychosynthesis also suggests dream and imagery work as spiritual practice.

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The Elements of Psychosynthesis by Will Parfitt

Psychosynthesis: The Elements and Beyond by Will Parfitt

For instance, if we are going to awaken ourselves to the fact that in our everyday life we are also living within a dream, central to 'dream work' in the Psychosynthesis sense, we have to find ways to 'check out reality' and see if we are dreaming or not.

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Whether it is the attainment of goals we set from our own center, or the development of theconnection with our spiritual nature, the will in its many forms plays a central role in ouraspirations towards s/Self realization. The understanding of the will and its developmentprovided through Psychosynthesis is a major contribution to humankind, both individually and inits totality, as it is through the skillful use of the will, complemented by love, that humanity willachieve its greatest potential.

The Wisdom of Psychosynthesis by Will Parfitt

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Will Parfitt, in his book , presents the concept of the willmore simply by noting that "every choice or decision we make is an act of will" and thatconsciously connecting with the dynamic energy of the will gives us the ability to be, to do andto become whatever we wish (1994, p.54). Psychosynthesis recognizes that we have manydifferent inner powers, including imagination, emotion and desire. We can develop these powersto help us make wise choices for our own well-being and that of the whole world. Assagiolinoted that this work requires the conscious, balanced growth of these inner powers and beginswith the recognition and training of the will. He identified the will as central to this process bothbecause of its intimate connection with our personality and the core of our being, our "self", andbecause of the will's function in "deciding what is to be done, in applying all the necessarymeans for its realization and in persisting in the task" (1973. p6).

– Will Parfitt, Psychosynthesis writer and educator Roberto Assagioli (no date)

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Will Parfitt has worked in the field of personal and spiritual development for more than forty years. Trained in Psychosynthesis and a Kabbalah teacher, Will lives in Glastonbury, England, where he offers mentoring, supervision and spiritual guidance. Will’s latest work can be found at:

Will Parfitt on psychosynthesis, the need for humanistic and spiritual values in todays world, and moving beyond right and wrong

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Thus the proposal to practitioners, at the outset of most Psychosynthesis meditation and visualization techniques, that they relax and centres themselves, and follow their breath into a still, undisturbed space.

Jung wrote: 'In sleep, fantasy takes the form of dreams.

Will Parfitt trained in Psychosynthesis and has more than thirty years experience of working with personal and spiritual development

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How does Psychosynthesis promote personal and spiritual development? Psychosynthesis was developed early last century by Roberto Assagioli, an Italian doctor.
European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy brings together the different psychosynthesis centres from around Europe, creating a federation.
This is the second of two companion articles. The first is Psychosynthesis in Western Psychology. Psychosynthesis Digest Vol. I, No. 2, Spring/Summer.
Define psychosynthesis: a form of psychotherapy combining psychoanalytic techniques with meditation and exercise.
Offers various Psychosynthesis and Transpersonal Psychology resources including articles, quotes, forum, directory.
2 included in any psychosynthesis training program. To our knowledge, this is the first and last time he ever specified a curriculum for psychosynthesis training—a.
Roberto Assagioli identified the seven core concepts and the principles of psychosynthesis as necessary components of any educational training process or program.
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Psychosynthesis is a psychology of hope, with its eye not only on history, but also on a purposeful future giving individuals the capacity to reorient their lives.
Psychosynthesis is an approach to Psychology developed by Roberto Assagioli which aims to help us discover our true spiritual nature then effectively.
WHAT IS PSYCHOSYNTHESIS? - seeds of change - Psychosynthesis is a theoretical model of human nature, of the natural unfolding, growing, of human being.
Psychosynthesis is an approach to human development initiated by Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974) beginning around 1910 and continuing to the present.
Psychosynthesis can help us discover our true spiritual nature then to effectively use this discovery in everyday life. We can bring our unique creative potential.
Psychosynthese Academie een inspirerende plek voor persoonlijke ontwikkeling en een opleiding tot psychosynthese counselor en therapeut.